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Predecessor Banks

Citizens National Bank

A Community Bank

Founded as the first nationally chartered bank in Prince George's County, Citizens National Bank has emerged as a strong community bank serving the area surrounding Laurel. It has endured, even as the economic base of the city has shifted from a mill town to an early commuter town and then postwar suburb.

When Citizens National Bank opened in 1890, it was the first commercial bank in Laurel. From its start, the bank took advantage of its geographical position between Washington and Baltimore, offering loans to residents of both cities. These relationships enabled the bank to weather financial panics and depressions that closed other community banks.

As other banks, Citizens National Bank diversified its services following World War II. When constructing new branches, the bank added night depositories and drive-in windows to provide customers the conveniences they demanded. It opened new branches and, in 1965, acquired the Central Bank of Howard County to extend its reach into that county.

In 1972, Mercantile Bankshares Corporation acquired Citizens National Bank. Five years later, Belair National Bank was consolidated into The Citizens National Bank, which acquired four more branches with the transaction. By 2005, Citizens maintained more than twenty branches.

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