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Bank of Delaware

A Partner with the State of Delaware

A tight-knit group of merchants and manufacturers founded the Bank of Delaware in 1795 to promote “the Interest of the community.” The bank functioned as a partner of the state by issuing currency, taking deposits from smaller banks and investing in infrastructure.

In the midst of the Great Depression, the Bank of Delaware merged with and took the name of Security Trust Company. It helped fuel the postwar boom after World War II by providing consumer loans. After a merger in 1952 with Equitable Guarantee and Trust, the Equitable Security Trust bolstered its position within the state and, six years later, it took the name of its oldest predecessor, the Bank of Delaware.

For the better part of three decades, the Bank of Delaware was the largest supplier of credit in the state and brought automation to banking and other businesses in Delaware.

PNC and Bank of Delaware Merge in 1989

PNC carries forth a banking culture focused on economic growth, innovation and community investment. The bank has become a vital part of the Delaware community and continues to support the administration of the Common Wealth Awards, which has awarded more than $6 million to 192 honorees throughout its 37-year history. In addition, PNC continues its 27-year-old holiday arts series tradition that has produced original artwork depicting the best of Delaware

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