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Although the relationship between the United States and Canada is historically close, Canada has its own customs, laws, rules, regulations – and potential -- that require just as much attention and insight as those of our more distant trading partners.

PNC Bank, through its full service branch in Canada, can help you succeed in this important market.

Through PNC Bank Canada Branch (“PNC Canada”), we offer:

  • Experts that respond quickly to requests regarding treasury management and credit requirements and amendments
  • Ability to lend to your Canadian operations in Canada1
  • Familiarity with your business and sector, along with existing relationships with Canadian financial institutions, professionals and suppliers that can benefit your business expansion
  • Assistance with the streamlining of collateral and documentary relationships

If you are a U.S. company with actual or projected operations in Canada, or a Canadian company, PNC Canada can assist you with credit, depository, and treasury management products and services.

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Treasury Management Capabilities

PNC Canada offers a comprehensive suite of treasury management services that can be tailored to help you efficiently manage your Canadian receivables and payables.

PNC Canada's treasury management services can also complement PNC's U.S. products and services so clients with cross-border operations can utilize services such as PINACLE®, PNC's top-rated online banking portal, and A/R Advantage, PNC's wholesale lockbox solution, to support their operations in both countries.

PNC Canada's treasury management services at a glance

Account Services Receivables Payables Information
  • Canadian Dollar
  • U.S. Dollar
  • Automatic account transfer
  • Branch deposits
  • ACH / EFT
  • Wires
  • EDI
  • A/R Advantage wholesale image lockbox
  • Checks
  • ACH / EFT
  • Wires
  • EDI
  • Disbursement Auditor (Positive Pay)
  • Tax Express
  • Bill Payments
  • Payables Advantage*
  • Commercial Card**
  • PINACLE Previous Day reporting
  • Current Day reporting
  • Account data transmissions
  • Account and lockbox images online
  • Account and lockbox bulk image transmissions
  • Comprehensive reports

*Payables Advantage is offered by PNC Bank, National Association.

**Canadian dollar card services are offered by PNC Bank, National Association in the United States. Participation is limited to Canadian affiliates of United States companies with a PNC Bank commercial card program. Other restrictions may apply.

Account Services
  • Canadian Dollar check writing capabilities
  • U.S. Dollar check writing capabilities
  • ZBA
  • Canadian check remittances
  • Over-the-counter deposits
  • Image-based lockbox sites
  • Electronic transaction services
  • Check Issuance
  • Online Stop Payments
  • Account Reconcilement Services
  • EFT
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bill Payments
  • Online Tax Payments
Information Reporting
  • Balance Reporting
  • Incoming wire reporting
  • Accounts images
  • Wholesale lockbox images
  • Automatic Funds Transfer
  • Reconciliation Services
  • Stop Payments
  • Bill Payments
  • Tax Filing » »

Corporate Banking in Canada

PNC Canada’s Corporate Bank provides a wide range of competitively-priced committed and uncommitted revolving and term loan facilities and letters of credit* in Canadian or U.S. dollars to corporate and commercial clients. These facilities can assist with operating expenses, capital equipment purchases, acquisition/expansion activities, and more.

In addition, syndications and club deals can provide flexible access to satisfy larger capital needs, including acquisitions, and can help you take advantage of emerging opportunities.

*Letters of Credit are provided by PNC Bank, National Association

Asset-Based Lending in Canada

PNC Business Credit is a leading provider of cash flow lending and second lien financing. We offer cross border financing for U.S.- based companies and domestic financing throughout Canada. We are positioned to meet the needs of mid-sized companies. And we believe most companies have strengths that may never appear on a balance sheet or an income statement. Our flexible capital solutions can help you meet your goals.

We finance the key events that drive your achievement. Through a disciplined and consistent lending approach, we work to provide maximum senior debt availability through asset leverage whether you are planning a leveraged buyout, dividend recapitalization or need for additional seasonal liquidity. We find value in accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment, trademarks and patents and intellectual property. And we invest in your future, not just your past, by taking into account company vision, market position, management strength and key personnel.

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Equipment Financing in Canada

PNC Equipment Finance (“PNCEF”) is a recognized leader in providing equipment financing solutions to clients throughout the U.S. and in Canada through PNC Canada. In Canada PNCEF offers financing solutions to large corporations, as well as governmental agencies on a wide range of equipment assets. We provide operating leases, loans or capital leases to our clients, assisting them in acquiring the assets they need to run their business. In addition to our direct finance solutions, we offer manufacturers, distributors and equipment resellers finance programs that have proven to increase their equipment sales and provide them a competitive advantage.

PNC Equipment Finance professionals offer special expertise to finance the following assets:

  • Corporate Aircraft for businesses and high net worth individuals
  • Construction equipment
  • Solar Energy Projects (Ontario Only)
  • Technology
  • Transportation assets including power units and trailers
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Rail cars
  • Software
  • Mining equipment
  • Energy Savings Projects

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