PNC Bank Canada Branch | Complaint Resolution Procedures

PNC Bank Canada Branch (‘Canada Branch’) has procedures for customers who wish to bring a concern to our attention.  We encourage you to follow the complaint procedures outlined here.


We work hard to ensure your complaint is acknowledged and investigated in a timely manner.  We will do our best to respond and appropriately resolve your concern within 56 days from the date we receive the complaint.  In the event we are unable to respond within this time-period, we will provide a written notice to you outlining the reasons for the delay and the expected time it will take to respond to you. You also have the right to contact the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (‘OBSI’), the external complaints body for Canada Branch.

If you have a complaint, please download and complete the Canada Branch Complaint Form and send by email to or by mail to:

Canada Complaints
PNC Bank Canada Branch
130 King Street West, Suite 2140
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5X 1E4

Once you submit your complaint, a PNC Representative will review it.

If your complaint remains unresolved after 56 days or has not been resolved to your satisfaction by PNC Bank Canada Branch, you may contact OBSI as follows.

20 Queen Street West, Suite 2400,
P.O. Box 8
Toronto, Ontario             M5H 3R3

Toll free telephone:   1-888-451-4519
Toll free fax number: 1-888-422-2865



FCAC rates PNC Bank Canada Branch Tier 2; i.e., no retail activity. PNC Bank Canada Branch engages in corporate and commercial activities. PNC Bank Canada Branch had no retail complaints for the year ended 31Dec2022.

Additional Resources:

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada ("FCAC")

FCAC monitors and supervises federally-regulated financial institutions to ensure they comply with federal consumer protection laws.  The FCAC also helps to educate consumers and monitors industry codes of conduct and public commitments designed to protect the rights and interests of the consumers.  If you have a complaint in respect to a violation or perceived violation of a consumer protection law, a public commitment, or an industry code of conduct, you may contact the FCAC as follows:

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
427 Laurier Ave, West, 6th Floor, 
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1R 1B9

Toll Free service in English:  1-866-461-3222
Toll Free service in French:   1-866-461-2232


The FCAC will determine whether the financial institution complies with the federal consumer protection laws. It will not provide redress or compensation and does not involve itself in individual disputes.

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