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Federal Services

Focused on innovation to help you improve efficiency and prepare for the future in an increasingly complex environment.

What does Innovation Mean in Your World?

Innovation means never settling. Providing agencies with creative solutions to modernize through access to emerging technologies is the hallmark of PNC Federal Services.  From the conception of ideas through the delivery of solutions, PNC’s experienced team embraces the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet a project’s requirements.  Our Implementation Specialists facilitate seamless, efficient and transparent development while our production experience results in quality performance generating substantial cost efficiencies.

Innovative Technology

Do you need architects, engineers and data scientists to quickly “spin up” sandbox infrastructure and run proof of concepts? PNC can help deliver:

  • Prototypes and proof of concept
  • Vendor test and learn
  • Technology and market research
  • Enterprise-aligned development
  • Agency systems interface with direct transmission
  • Large-scale agency migrations with aggressive management of timelines and budgets
  • Successful data transmission and conversion
  • Program management strategies that have been adopted by agencies themselves
  • Transparency verified by meeting internal and external audit requirements


Experience Design

Would qualitative design help you determine how a concept or solution may work? PNC’s iLab approach includes:

  • Design accelerator
  • User-co-creation sessions
  • Human-centered design
  • Experience design workshops

Visionary Strategy

Could alignment with forward-looking organizations keep you a step ahead? PNC offers a portfolio of innovation projects that bring together representatives of:

  • Academia
  • FinTech
  • Business alliances
  • Vendor relationships

Holistic management of innovation. 

We harness the power of our teams through an online software platform that comprises:

  • API Fests
  • Challenges
  • Project management
  • Idea management

We are proud to serve

Financial, Healthcare, Military, First Responder, Law Enforcement and Native American Agencies

among others

Ideas & Insights

Stay current on the latest industry trends and insights with PNC’s Federal Services team.

Mitigate Risk

Webinar Replay: Protecting Your Business From Online Banking Scams

Replay our recent webinar to learn actionable steps you can take to help protect your business from these very real, and potentially costly, dangers.

50:58 min video

Gain Market Insight

A Look at PNC's APIs

In recent years, PNC has introduced new commercial payment methods that can help provide a range of benefits.

4 min read

Gain Market Insight

Permission to Accelerate

Third Article in Series: How Healthcare is Implementing Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

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End-to-End Support

PNC’s Federal Services Team is built upon three decades of delivering solutions. Our goal is to provide financial guidance and thought leadership, in our ever changing economic environment, enabling CFO’s and their Agencies ease in aligning with Presidential Cap Goals.

Evolution of traditional payment methodologies to digital payments helping create enhanced efficiency, speed, reduced costs to the agency, and to provide a citizen-centric experience.

Authenticate and verify payment solutions to help reduce improper payments and returns, mitigate the risk of fraud, and improve internal processes designed to deal with returns.

Claims Payments and Remittances Service to disburse claims payments and remittances to providers, to help improve alignment with CMS mandates, reduce costs, streamline manual processes, and improve the provider experience.

Application programming interfaces, or APIs, connect disparate systems and applications — helping boost efficiency and providing faster access that yield expedited outcomes. Learn more »

Facilitation of a paperless, digitalized, operating environment where data is streamlined and accessible through Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning creates a centralized stored database allowing talent to shift from lower value to higher value work.

The implementation of an improved citizen centric experience through adoption of agency branded payments portals geared toward getting the payment right the first time, while enabling easy access to data, accountability and transparency.


Impeding The Mission Or Driving It Forward?

What Governments Can Learn From 2020
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Security & Alignment: A Strong Foundation and Proven Experience

Our security framework incorporates physical, personnel and IT Federal security compliance. Our Account Verification Service helps you reduce the risk of returns and fraudulent account use for electronic payment processing to avoid financial loss. We maintain full alignment with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and the Federal Information Security Act (FISMA) to ensure the security of proprietary or sensitive data. In addition, we incorporate a robust business resiliency program so that we can continue to provide services during a crisis.

Supporting Healthcare Providers & Payers for more than 25 Years

PNC Healthcare offers fully integrated solutions and strategic services, including revenue cycle management, to help government providers and payers maximize working capital, streamline processes, mitigate risk and access capital.

Our Leadership Team

Brian Feehely

Senior Vice President

PNC Federal Services
Relationship Manager

Mike Bolin

Senior Vice President

PNC Federal Services
Relationship Manager

Jason B. Smith

Assistant Vice President

PNC Federal Services
Relationship Manager

Brian Feehely
Senior Vice President
Federal Treasury Management Officer

Brian Feehely is Senior Vice President, Federal Treasury Management Officer for PNC Bank.  He joined PNC Bank in November, 2010 after 28 years with JPMorgan Chase and it’s legacy banks; Manufacturers Hanover Trust, The First National Bank of Chicago and Bank One. Prior to joining PNC Brian was based in Manhattan and managed the Eastern Region for JPMChase comprised of 30 professionals with offices in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta and London.  Clients included U.S. Federal Agencies and Fortune 500 corporations in the US and Europe.

Included in his past Federal Relationship Management responsibilities, Brian managed such programs as IRS Lockbox, CIS application processing, Navy Cash, General Lockbox Network collections, US Debit Card and the Department of Homeland Security’s GSA SmartPay 2 Travel, Purchase and Fleet Card programs.

Mr. Feehely holds a BS in Finance from Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland in 1980 and an MBA in International Finance from Pace University Lubin Graduate School of Business in New York City in 1983.

Mike Bolin
Vice President
Treasury Management Officer

Mike Bolin is a Senior Vice President, Federal Treasury Management Officer (TMO) providing value added financial management solutions to federal agency partners to PNC. Prior to serving as a TMO, Mike served as the product owner for the Navy Cash program for PNC.

Mike joined PNC Bank in June, 2016 after almost 20 years of federal service. Mike is a veteran of the United States Army (Active Duty), having served 10 years. After departing the Army, he worked for JPMorgan Chase for one year. Then joined the Department of Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service, where he served approximately 10 years.

Included in his past responsibilities, Mike served as the program manager for the EagleCash stored value card program and EagleCash Sustainment Team Manager. As well as lead business development, change management, outreach and marketing for intra-governmental (G-INV) invoicing and transaction processing.

Mr. Bolin holds an MPA from University of Maryland School of Public Policy in College Park, Maryland in 2014.

Jason B. Smith
Assistant Vice President
Federal Treasury Management Officer

Jason B. Smith is an Assistant Vice Present, Federal Relationship Manager, Treasury Management Officer for PNC Bank. Jason’s role is to support federal clients through service management, innovation and providing value added services. Prior to serving as a TMO, Jason served as an Account Manager for 3 years on the Federal Services Team where his responsibilities included assisting with managing Navy Cash, Military Meal Check and EDI processing.

Prior to joining the Federal Services Team, Jason worked within PNC’s Treasury Management as a Sales Associate responsible for servicing large corporate clients by driving implementations, sales support and providing product insight with existing clients and prospects.

Prior to joining Treasury Management, Jason worked for 6 years within Technology and Operations at PNC within Default Collections. During this time, he managed a collections team servicing past due loans and lines of credit. Mr. Smith joined PNC Bank in June 2009 after graduating with a BA from Duquesne University located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Important Legal Disclosures and Information

Banking and lending products and services, bank deposit products, and treasury management services, including, but not limited to, services for healthcare providers and payers, are provided by PNC Bank, National Association, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PNC and Member FDIC.

Read a summary of privacy rights for California residents which outlines the types of information we collect, and how and why we use that information.