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Industry Expertise

Some businesses and organizations require specialized knowledge and capabilities from their financial institution in order to meet their goals. PNC has created experienced teams to serve clients in a number of distinct segments to reduce the learning curve and deliver results more efficiently.

  • Commercial Real Estate
    A leading provider of comprehensive banking, financing and servicing solutions for commercial real estate clients across the country.
    Commercial Real Estate
  • Healthcare
    Helping healthcare providers and payers minimize administrative costs and maximize cash flow.
  • Public Finance
    Delivering credit, treasury management, capital markets and investment management services to clients in the public and nonprofit sectors.
    Public Finance
  • Financial Institutions
    An experienced team of professionals dedicated to helping financial institutions better manage assets, risks and operations.
    Financial Institutions
  • Federal Services
    A proven record of building, implementing and providing on-going treasury management products and services for complex Federal financial systems.

    Federal Services
  • Chemicals & Plastics
    Delivering a comprehensive range of financing and advisory solutions that fit the needs of Chemicals & Plastics clients.
    Chemicals & Plastics
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
    Delivering capital markets, financing and treasury management services to clients in the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences industries.
    Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Food & Beverage
    Helping companies across the value chain strategically and financially grow through the cycle.
    Food & Beverage
  • Technology Finance
    Delivering a comprehensive range of financing options that fit the needs of Technology clients.
    Technology Finance and Advisory Solutions
  • Metals & Mining
    Providing financing solutions tailored to our Metals and Mining clients’ specific needs.
    Metals & Mining
  • Leasing & Transportation Finance
    Advisory relationships and financial solutions for companies that provide transportation and commercial equipment leasing, finance and rentals
    Leasing & Transportation Finance
  • Sports Finance
    Delivering a comprehensive range of financial and advisory solutions to professional sports leagues and teams nationwide
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  • Government Contracting
    Delivering a wide range of financial solutions to clients in the Government Contracting community nationwide.
    Government Contracting
  • Energy (Oil & Gas)
    Delivering a comprehensive range of financing options that fit the needs of Energy clients nationwide.
    Energy (Oil & Gas)
  • Power & Utilities
    Delivering a comprehensive range of financing options, risk and treasury management solutions for Power & Utilities clients nationwide.
    Power & Utilities
  • Franchises

  • McDonald's Franchise Owner Operators
    Specific financing solutions for McDonald's Franchise owner operators.
    McDonald's Franchise Owner Operators
  • Important Legal Disclosures & Information

    Read a summary of privacy rights for California residents which outlines the types of information we collect, and how and why we use that information.

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