Accelerate daily collections and cash application.

Simplify your receivables with PNC’s comprehensive receivables solutions.
We can help you to gain better control over your cash position, simplify accounting and accelerate incoming payments on a daily basis.

PNC’s lockbox network is one of the Nation’s largest and is consistently top-rated in terms of performance. We provide comprehensive and cost-effective access to your collected funds position while meeting your company’s specific posting information requirements.

Give your customers a way to electronically view and pay their bills, while providing your company with streamlined and consolidated payment information.

PNC's Deposit On-Site® service provides an efficient way to streamline deposit preparation and eliminate multiple trips to the bank. You can easily capture images of consumer and business checks and related remittance coupons received at your office and transmit the check images to PNC for processing. 

RTP® represents a new phase in the evolution of digital payments, marking the creation of the first new payment system in more than 40 years.

Utilize a secure payment tool to receive payments and provide convenience and reliability for doing business with your customers. PNC can receive payments on your behalf from your customers or help your customer establish an ACH debit origination program so they can be assured that you will originate a payment out of their account when due.

Manage the volume of remittance data associated with your electronic receipts more efficiently and accurately. EDI enables your organization to receive remittance information and cash application details for your payments in an efficient and timely manner that is compatible with your ERP system.

Important Legal Disclosures & Information

PNC, PINACLE, Deposit On-Site®, and Deposit On-Site Mobile® are registered marks of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (“PNC”).

RTP is a registered trademark of The Clearing House Payments Company, LLC.

Read a summary of privacy rights for California residents which outlines the types of information we collect, and how and why we use that information.