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Our industry knowledge, capital resources and lease financing expertise help us deliver the equipment finance solutions executives need, with the customer service they deserve. Corporate Banking supports financial officers of companies and corporations with an annual revenue of $50,000,000 or more.

Enabling Your Ideas, Controlling
Costs & Facilitating Your Growth

We’ve become a recognized, dedicated leader in the equipment finance marketplace by forging close, enduring relationships with key financial decision makers in virtually every industry.

We developed our lease and loan financing expertise by helping thousands of corporate customers, manufacturers, distributors, vendors, Fortune 1000 and other financial organizations. When you work with us, we offer our best ideas and advice – which accelerates your growth and gives you a competitive edge.

Your time is valuable. That’s why we advise you on your investments in business-critical equipment and assets.

Our expertise and lease financing programs help you:

Control costs - We don’t just quantify your company's capital equipment costs, we also reduce the expenses to acquire them.

Manage assets - Whether you need to upgrade, add-on, relocate, substitute, terminate or buy out equipment early, our programs give you the most flexibility without interrupting your business.

Solve cash-flow and liquidity issues - Our customers can avoid shortfalls of cash-on-hand as our customized many options provide financing flexibility.

Reduce administrative burden - Our web-based proprietary lease administration tools and dedicated support staff mean we can help you manage a diversified equipment portfolio.

According to the most recent Equipment Lease and Finance Association (ELFA) survey[1], businesses lease equipment for several reasons, including:

  • Enhancing productivity and efficiency with the latest technology.
  • Planning budgets and controlling expenses consistently.
  • Managing their company's planned growth.

We’ll help you meet all these objectives and more. Our most common offerings include:

  • Master lease financing programs/lease lines of credit.
  • Off-balance-sheet equipment financing.
  • True (tax) leases (operating, capital, TRAC, First Amendment, etc.).
  • Loans and synthetic leases.
  • Technology upgrade financing programs.
  • Leases designed to include Early Buyout Options (EBO), Fixed Price Purchase Options (FPPO) and Early Termination Options (ETO).
  • Fixed and floating interest rate.

  • Transportation (rail, marine, tractors and trailers, etc.)
  • Mining (surface and underground)
  • Material handling/warehouse and distribution
  • Construction
  • Machine tools and plant manufacturing
  • Corporate aircraft (fixed wing and rotary)
  • Office automation equipment (copiers, printers, PCs, etc.)
  • Furniture and fixtures/racking and shelving
  • Telecommunications and point of sale (POS)
  • Power generation
  • Printing and packaging
  • Medical and diagnostic
  • Information technology

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Equipment Finance

PNC Equipment Finance delivers a competitive advantage via equipment financing solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada. We provide operating leases, loans and capital leases.


The Benefits of Equipment Financing

Equipment financing provides an excellent alternative source of capital and a flexible alternative to cash in the acquisition of business-critical assets and equipment.

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Technology Finance

PNC Equipment Finance's technology team has become a powerhouse in the information technology equipment leasing and financing industry through helping thousands of customers purchase state of the art technology.