Midland Special Servicing

A premier third-party special servicer in the industry

Committed to being a third-party special servicer

Midlands does not invest in special servicing assets as a principal, and we don’t co-invest with bond buyers. Our services are provided on a purely third-party basis.

Our teams have significant experience in the management, resolution and disposition of non-performing loans and real estate owned (REO) assets. 

Midland’s reputation as one of the leading special servicers in the industry reflects our dedicated team of special servicing asset managers, their demonstrated proficiency working out commercial real estate loans, our robust servicing and asset management technology, and our commitment to being a third-party special servicer.

Midlands maximizes net recoveries for clients by:

Delivering timely resolutions

Our workout strategies are grounded in the understanding that in most cases, longer holds equate to greater losses. 

Multi-tasking workout strategies

Midland’s asset managers use their vast experience to pursue a range of workout strategies simultaneously, to ensure that no stone is left unturned in our pursuit of the best possible net recovery. 

Leveraging our national network of providers

We have an extremely broad network of brokers, receivers, law firms, property managers, and other asset level resources. Working closely with the best regional and local providers ensures that we always have the best possible team engaged on each transaction. 

Always being transparent with our clients

Our clients trust us to maximize recoveries across their securitized portfolios. In support of that, our asset managers maintain excellent relationships with our clients, keep them up to date on relevant matters, and deliver regular updates on critical matters. 

Midland demonstrates successful asset resolutions for CMBS and other clients. Its net recovery proceeds relative to collateral values and time frames are often better than those of other special servicers. Midland performs effectively to resolve loans and REO properties expeditiously to realize their maximum recovery potential.

Midland Servicer Ratings

Midland has been committed to setting the industry standards for servicing quality and responsiveness.

Fitch Servicer Report

Fitch rates primary and master servicers, which protect the interests of the certificate holders in the trust by servicing and administering the mortgage loans. 

Morningstar Servicer Report

DBRS Morningstar is a full-service global credit ratings business and a market leader in Canada, and in multiple asset classes across the U.S. and Europe.

S&P Servicer Report

S&P Global Ratings' rankings on Midland Loan Services (Midland) are ABOVE AVERAGE as a commercial mortgage loan primary, master, and special servicer