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Specialized Solutions for Your Organization’s Retirement Plan

You are focused on providing your employees a retirement plan that meets their unique needs. With a customizable suite of investment advice, employee education, and fiduciary support, let us help you get there.

We help plan sponsors understand and meet their fiduciary obligations to participants. In fact, we’ve found many of our clients don’t just want to meet their obligations – they want to exceed them. That’s why they choose PNC’s Fiduciary Investment Services and Employee Education Services.

Our locally-based service teams provide you with products, services, and experience, all tailored to help meet your fiduciary obligations and fit the needs of your employees.

We are committed to serving organizations of all types and sizes, with industry expertise in the following areas:

  Nonprofit organizations

  Public Funds

  Healthcare organizations



  Insurance companies

Fiduciary Investment Services

Your Challenge: 

As a fiduciary, you are required to choose and maintain your retirement plan’s investment lineup in the best interests of your plan participants. 

Our Solution:

Our Fiduciary Investment Services can help you select and monitor your retirement plan’s investment lineup with confidence.

We offer comprehensive screening and rigorous monitoring of investment fund options to help maintain your investment lineup’s focus, quality, and performance. We do this through the following services:

  • Nondiscretionary 3(21) Investment Advisory
  • Discretionary 3(38) Investment Management

Your Challenge:

Another critical fiduciary responsibility is confirming the expenses paid by your retirement plan are reasonable based on the quality and quantity of services received.

Our Solution:

Our Fiduciary Investment Services support you in managing this responsibility, among others. Fee benchmarking, investment reporting and documentation, fiduciary compliance assistance and educational support, and fiduciary protection are included in our Fiduciary Investment Services.

Download our fact sheet for more details

Employee Education Services

Your Challenge:

You are motivated to offer your employees retirement benefits that meet or exceed their expectations because recruiting top talent, retaining talented employees, and improving your workforce’s financial wellness are vital to the success of your organization.

Our Solution:

Our Employee Education Services include a comprehensive financial education program, customized to meet your employees where they are on their path to retirement readiness. We minimize your administrative burden and deliver targeted campaigns designed to achieve the employee financial success goals you identify.

Your Challenge:

Financial stress can affect your employees personally, decrease your workforce’s productivity, and impact your bottom line.

Our Solution:

Including financial wellness training as part of your retirement plan’s employee education program can help your employees see the “big picture” when it comes to their finances — and take control of their financial future. Our Employee Education Services can help employees become better equipped for retirement by taking a holistic approach to financial wellness.

Download our fact sheet for more details

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