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Simplify Liquidity Management

Cash flow is vital for organizations and managing liquidity constitutes a core function for treasury and finance professionals. Bank account management goes beyond having the right amount of cash in the right place at the right time. With account management, you can capture necessary information, fulfill governance and security requirements, and help maximize the role cash flows play within your organization to better execute the strategic priorities of your organization.

PNC can work with you to assess the sources and demands of your entity’s cash to help balance your need for liquidity, safety and return. Optimizing allocation and account structure can provide a pulse on how money moves through your organization.


Classifying Your Cash

Driving Business Performance with Innovative Solutions and Interconnectivity

Cash generally falls into one of three broad working categories, which match against its function and duration. Knowing that different pools of cash serve different purposes, PNC offers a full continuum of liquidity solutions combined with interactive access to your data.

As you think about how to divide your cash across these categories, also consider things like seasonality, the economic environment for your industry, investment policy requirements, and the interest rate environment.

Operating Cash

Used to support
daily operations < 3 months

Account Options:

Reserve Cash

cash <1 year

Account Options:


Strategic Cash

Longer term cash to support
potential initia
tives > 1 years

Account Options:

Liquidity & Support Services

As you establish your account structure, there may be ways to streamline information, process physical cash, and manage day to day payments and receivables that can help improve the overall efficiency and security of your deposits.

Additional Liquidity Services

Services to support existing accounts

Account Options:

  • Deposit Only ATM Card
  • Logistics Services
  • Remote Safe Solutions
  • Zero Balance Accounts


Other Considerations

Services that support liquidity accounts

Account Options:

Specialized Deposits

Some pools of cash have specific reporting and documentation needs or may require the services of an agent. You may have a need for sub-accounting to help track cash that your company is holding for others, or an escrow agent to hold and protect funds as part of an acquisition. PNC provides dedicated account types and specialized solutions to help you handle these complex needs daily.    

PNC also offers a comprehensive range of tax advantaged benefit accounts, including Health Savings Accounts to help support the financial wellness of your employees.

PNC is dedicated to the financial inclusion of individuals with disabilities and is proud to support Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts.  ABLE accounts provide a new way to save, invest, and pay for qualified disability expenses.


PNC Protect

At PNC, we want to make you aware of ongoing threats and trends, as well as the solutions and tools that can help protect your company from the harmful effects of cybercrime and payments fraud. Learn More »


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