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Taft-Hartley Plans & Investment Solutions

We help guide Taft-Hartley benefit plans to solutions that meet their unique needs and objectives.

A Specialty Group Dedicated to Unions

The Taft-Hartley Solutions Group seeks to help trustees and their union members address their distinct investment, distribution and benefit plan challenges.

Building on over 160 years of experience in working with trade unions, we can leverage this legacy. For example, the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust (BIT), a bank collective trust fund offered to tax qualified benefit and retirement plans with union member beneficiaries, may be able to offer such investors an opportunity to invest indirectly in commercial real estate.

Our Taft-Hartley Solutions Group exists to help us better serve our Union clients and their members.

We attend industry conferences, monitor the regulatory environment, and share our knowledge and experience firm-wide. We believe that this helps our group provide a higher degree of comprehensive service to your organization.

Comprehensive Investment Services

PNC Institutional Asset Management® has built a long-standing reputation for delivering a wide range of sophisticated investment solutions designed to help unions meet their unique investment challenges and achieve growth goals, while mitigating risk and minimizing administrative requirements.

Safekeeping Your Assets

We understand the unique requirements of Taft-Hartley benefit plans, and we’re experienced in meeting the changing needs of trade unions and their members’ retirement plans.

Our Taft-Hartley Solutions Group provides the specialized support and personalized professional services necessary to help you meet your fiduciary obligations.

Proprietary Tools & Research

We offer a sophisticated suite of analytic and evaluative investment tools specifically suited to meet the needs of Taft-Hartley benefit plans. We deliver access to original research on financial markets and the trends and issues affecting this unique segment to help our clients make informed investment decisions.

Solutions for Third-Party Administrators (TPAs)

Administering Taft-Hartley benefit plans continues to be increasingly complex, requiring TPAs to choose capable service providers that understand their unique needs and those of their clients. Through our Taft-Hartley Solutions Group, we provide a suite of solutions for TPAs. We deliver evolving technologies in banking and asset servicing so TPAs can focus on serving the needs of plan sponsors, trustees and union members.


Overview of Capabilities
Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) We offer the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing financial environment through an open architecture platform and by providing greater risk and liquidity management. We also offer to act as an investment fiduciary, allowing your organization to redeploy its human resources to more efficient tasks.
Open Architecture Investment Platform Featuring mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and separately managed accounts in order to provide options for your portfolio across all asset classes to fit your investment objectives and needs. 
Dynamic Portfolio Analysis Using a suite of tools that includes MSCI Risk Metrics, our advisors will work with your organization to analyze the interaction of cash flows and evaluate the role it plays in determining the appropriate asset allocation for your organization.
Administrative Services Our dedicated group of fiduciary advisors handle duties that range from the movement of cash, monthly and quarterly statements, as well as audit support. 
Custody Solutions With a thorough understanding of changing government regulations, we deliver comprehensive custody solutions to support the safekeeping of plan assets.
Benefit Disbursement Services We distribute periodic and non-periodic payments to plan participants by check or electronic funds transfer while satisfying federal and state tax withholding and reporting requirements.
Electronic Account Access Access your account at any time via our suite of web-based solutions, I-Hub. From this dashboard, you can view account information, initiate cash transactions and more.
Reporting Packages Customizable reporting packages to accommodate a wide range of client-specific needs.

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Managing Director, Taft-Hartley Solutions Group
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