Commercial Online Banking
built for the way you work

PINACLE®, PNC’s top-rated online commercial banking solution

Confidently manage your banking activity on your PC, Mac, tablet or phone. Built for the way you work, PINACLE® helps you spend more time on what is important to you - nurturing your business.

The Simple, Integrated Solution You've Asked For

PINACLE Payments: Real Time, Real Fast


The all-in payment solution for your business puts you in control of your finances. Pay vendors, suppliers, individuals and more.

Up-To-Date Cash Positions


PINACLE can integrate with QuickBooks®, Oracle NetSuite, Sage Intacct®, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and more. Save time every day and manage your accounts, loans and cards all in one place.

Balanced Security


When it comes to cybercrime and payments fraud, every organization is a target. Our PINACLE Packages feature built-in fraud protection services to help you identify and mitigate fraud.

Pay Suppliers & Individuals From Anywhere

  • Initiate real-time and same day payments
  • Save payee payment information and create payee groups for easy access
  • Mark payees as private and control which users have access to sensitive information
  • Track progress of your payments through comprehensive reporting


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See Your Accounts and Balances In A Single Dashboard View

  • View daily pending and posted transaction information for accounts, loans and card
  • Customize reporting with robust filtering and search capabilities
  • Synchronize with your accounting software to streamline your account reconciliation
  • Transfer funds easily between accounts
  • Manage fraud-related risk and respond quickly to suspicious transactions with our optional fraud mitigation services

Deposit Your Checks Without Going To The Branch

  • Submit checks with your mobile phone or remote deposit desktop scanner
  • View robust deposit reporting including deposited images for easy reconciliation
  • Prevent checks from being submitted twice and safeguard against unbalanced deposit transmission with our security features

Your Fraud Risk By The Numbers


Organizations were targets of an attempted or actual payments fraud attack in 2020[1]


Organizations reported to be affected by a fraudulent wire transfer[1]


Organizations reported to be affected by a fraudulent check payment[1]

PNC Protect – Fraud Protection, It’s What We Do

  • Choose the PINACLE package with the capabilities and built-in fraud protections that you require
  • Build additional layers of protection around online money movement with Dual and Self-Approval options, company and user level initiation and approval limits, and security tokens
  • Respond quickly to suspicious transactions with optional Positive Pay services
  • Gain insight and monitor user actions through robust audit reports
  • Set up PINACLE activity and security alerts via text, email or online delivery

Provide Secure Access To Employees Through Teams And Permissions

  • Identify trusted Security Contacts and Administrators who will have authority over your PINACLE services at set up
  • Manage user access to your accounts and services with our easy-to-use Teams feature
  • Set up a user in less than 5 minutes with predefined or customized permissions

I Would Like To


Provide secure access to employees through teams and permissions

  • Establish company administrators who can set up additional users and delegate access.
  • Provide appropriate user access to accounts and services using customizable permissions or our predefined default permissions.
  • Predefined default permissions include:
    • Admin 1 & 2– Has access to all functions for all accounts including managing user permissions, initiating, approving and viewing (established during set up of service).
    • Super User – Has equivalent permissions as the company’s delegated Admin 1 &2 users.
    • Initiator – Can view reporting and initiate payments and account transfers for all accounts.
    • Approver – Can view reporting and approve payments for all accounts.
    • Viewer – Can view reporting for all accounts.

Strengthen your internal controls through a combination of standard and optional features:

Dual Approval / Self-Approval

  • Provide an added layer of security with our standard dual approval feature when sending payments.
  • Or, utilize the self-approval option to initiate and approve your own payments with step-up authentication.

Token Passcodes

  • Token passcodes are required for users accessing services with external money movement capabilities.
  • Use PINACLE Pass to easily generate a token passcode on your mobile phone.
    • Go to the App Store® or Google Play
    • Search for “PINACLE Pass”
    • Download the PINACLE Pass App

  • Work on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device. PINACLE is ready to work wherever you are. 
  • No need for an app when on your tablet or mobile device. PINACLE is mobile ready and can be accessed directly through your mobile browser. 
  • Enhance your browsing security through Trusteer Rapport® online protection software[2]

Pay vendors, suppliers or individuals from anywhere with PINACLE’s robust online payment capabilities:

PINACLE Payments Service

PINACLE Payments harnesses the collective power of the Real Time Payment (RTP) network, Bill Payment service, and the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to process your payments. Simply initiate your payment and decide who, when and how much to pay.

  • Quickly and easily pay your bills with just a few clicks.
  • Real-time and same day payment options available.
  • Maintain and organize saved payees for easy future payment.
  • Track your payment through the lifecycle of the payment.
  • View historical payment details and audit reports.


  • Securely send funds online (Domestic, International USD, International FX)
  • Initiate payments via freeform entry or with easy-to-use templates.
  • View wire transaction reporting including detail and summary information, audit reports, items pending approval, and future-dated transfers.

Streamline your deposits and help eliminate multiple trips to the bank:

Remote Deposit

  • Create a new deposit by easily capturing images of consumer and business checks via a remote deposit scanner or on your mobile device.
  • Submit your deposits several times a day or at the end of the business day.
  • View the status of open and submitted deposit details and access deposit reporting.
  • To find PNC's Deposit On-Site® app:
    • Go to the App Store® or Google Play
    • Search for “PNC Deposit On-Site Mobile”
    • Download the PNC Deposit On-Site® Mobile App

Reverse Positive Pay

Manage fraud-related risk and respond quickly to suspicious transactions with PNC’s Reverse Positive Pay service.

  • Review prior day’s paid checks. 
  • Validate the list of paid checks, view check images and mark unauthorized checks for return—all through one online tool.

EDI Report

When vendors send electronic transactions with associated payment information, EDI reports can help you efficiently capture this data via secure online access to apply the payment accurately and efficiently.

  • View your electronic (ACH, wire and credit card) receivables online. 
  • The amount of remittance information reported is based on the type of transaction delivered to the bank by your vendors and may include ACH, wire and/or credit card transactions.  For ACH transactions, you can also receive reporting based on Standard Entry Class (SEC) codes, as well as ACH credits and/or debits.

See your business accounts, loans and cards and view balances in a single dashboard view or drill into specific transactions with robust filtering and search capabilities:


Manage your cash flow by viewing all your account activity on a monthly basis.

  • View up to 7 years of your account statements online.
  • Gain insight by viewing all of your services on your analysis statements.


Reconcile accounts faster by viewing account detail online instead of waiting for your statement to arrive in the mail.

  • View daily balances, float, returns, and pending and posted transactions with summary and detail level information.
  • Create custom reports with robust filtering and search capabilities which can be exported to PDF, XLS, or CSV or synch this information directly with your QuickBooks® desktop or online software.
  • Review detailed remittance and/or addenda information received from the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network or see EDI Transactions received directly from your business partners.

Event Notifications

Stay on top of important account activities, transaction approvals and more.

  • Customize which event notifications you want to view and when.
  • Maintain flexibility with event notifications delivered within PINACLE, by email or by text message.

Securely Transfer funds online between your PNC business accounts:

  • Manage your time effectively by creating and saving recurring instructions or utilize free-form instructions for one-time transfers.
  • View the status of your pending, completed, and future dated transfers.

Make informed decisions and efficiently initiate transactions.

Loan Information, Transactions, and Statements

  • Review your balances, availability, and transaction history.
  • Download your statement in PDF or CSV format.

Loan Payments

  • Pay loan invoices or make additional principal payments.
  • Pay today or schedule for a future date.
  • Set up recurring principal payments.

Loan Advances 

  • Request advances and receive your funds immediately (or immediately following a review by a PNC representative when necessary), providing quicker and easier access to funds when you need them most.

Maximize the benefits of your PNC Commercial Rewards Card® program with easily accessible online access that can help you optimize cash flow, control expenses, and reduce time spent on back office tasks.

Card Information, Transactions, and Statements

  • Manage your program in real-time by setting spend limits and restricting cash access on cards.
  • Order cards and grant online access to employee cardholders.
  • View detailed transaction information for all cards including the ability to download into QuickBooks®.
  • View and pay your monthly balance due.


  • PINACLE offers online drop-in training classes to help orient you to your new online banking services.
  • Daily tasks on the home page will alert you to activities that require your immediate attention.
  • Tool Tips are placed strategically throughout the experience to provide additional information about a service.


Our Treasury Management Client Care team is available to assist you with all of your PINACLE services wherever you may be. Speak with one of our qualified representatives via phone, email, or through PINACLE live messaging.

Important Legal Disclosures & Information

  1. Source: Association for Financial Professionals Payment Fraud and Control Survey, 2021 
  2. By clicking “Download”, you will be directed to a third-party website hosted by Trusteer, a third-party that is not affiliated with PNC Bank. While this software is a valuable addition to your fraud prevention strategy, PNC Bank will not be responsible for the content or effectiveness of the services associated with Trusteer’s software 


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