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Account Reconcilement, Controlled Disbursement and Fraud Protection

PNC offers several services to help manage your check disbursement activities. You can keep track of both paid and outstanding checks through our Account Reconcilement Processing (ARP) service with additional fraud monitoring capabilities offered through our Positive Pay services.  Additionally, you can manage your daily borrowing needs or investment opportunities through the use of our Controlled Disbursement Account (CDA) services, which provides early notification of daily disbursements funding requirements.

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  • Automate the reconcilement and monitoring of your check disbursement accounts
  • Enjoy the protection of Positive Pay, an automated check fraud prevention service                                     
  • Minimize idle balances and tighten borrowing activity with Controlled Disbursement Account services


  • Can help reduce time spent reconciling and monitoring your check disbursement accounts
  • Monitor checks processed for payment against your account
  • Reject fraudulent checks before losses occur
  • Receive notification of your daily check clearing totals by 9 AM ET
  • Precisely fund disbursement activity, enhance investment opportunities and reduce borrowing requirements 

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