Mike Bolin

Senior Vice President
PNC Federal Services,
Relationship Manager

Mike Bolin

Mike Bolin is a senior vice president, federal treasury management officer (TMO) providing value added financial management solutions to federal agency partners to PNC. Prior to serving as a TMO, Bolin served as the product owner for the Navy Cash program for PNC.

Bolin joined PNC in June 2016 after almost 20 years of federal service. Bolin is a veteran of the United States Army (active duty), having served 10 years. After departing the Army, he worked for JPMorgan Chase for one year. Then joined the Department of Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service, where he served approximately 10 years.

Included in his past responsibilities, Bolin served as the program manager for the EagleCash stored value card program and EagleCash Sustainment team manager. He also led business development, change management, outreach and marketing for intra-governmental (G-INV) invoicing and transaction processing.

Bolin holds an MPA from University of Maryland School of Public Policy in College Park, Maryland in 2014.