PNC Student
Debt Solution

Empower your employees to move beyond
student debt.

A Holistic Platform for You & Your Employees

PNC Student Debt Solution is a benefit offering that can help you stand out as an employer. The platform guides your employees through planning, funding and repaying their student debt.

We can help your employees build strong financial habits and worry less about their student debt, creating a more confident and productive workplace for you.

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How Student Debt Affects Your Employees

Over 60% of U.S. college students leave school with student debt [1]

59% of employees between ages 22 and 44 have student debt [2]

86% of employees rank finances a top stressor and student loans more stressful than credit cards, auto loans and mortgages [3]

Eight in 10 borrowers say their student debt hinders adequate retirement savings [4]

What PNC Delivers

How We Can Help

PNC Student Debt Solution, powered by Candidly™, is a holistic platform that can help your employees worry less about their student loans.

You can strengthen engagement, increase retention, foster inclusivity and even reverse burnout with a customizable suite of tools and customer support from Candidly.

You can also help your employees succeed by establishing contribution programs as a paid employee benefit.

How it Works

PNC Student Debt Solution is customizable for you and your employees, and works with any lending institutions or loan terms.

The program supports the full financial journey, guiding employees through each stage:

  • Plan – take smart, practical and informed actions from the beginning and all throughout their journey
  • Fund – tap into a network of lenders to choose the best-priced option and make informed choices when taking on student debt
  • Repay – optimize debt repayment strategies to reduce payments, refinance at a lower rate or accelerate repayment to help reduce the overall cost of borrowing
  • Build – save on student loans and take the next best action on those dollars to help maximize financial resilience, through retirement savings, investments or a rainy day fund

Features for Employees

The core program includes:

  • College planning
  • Articles and how-to guides
  • Multi-lender marketplace
  • Student loan dashboard 
  • Auto-payments
  • Friends and family
  • Gamified repayment 
  • Federal forgiveness finder, including a streamlined Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) experience

Premium Features

Employer Contributions – Contribute monthly, quarterly or annually based on employee tenure, salary or other criteria. Under the Consolidated Appropriations Act (2021), an employer can provide tax-free contributions of up to $5,250 annually.

Coaching – Certified Student Loan Professionals offer personalized guidance and actionable insights so users can take their next steps.

Student Loan Retirement Match – Employers may treat employee student loan payments as eligible contributions for the purpose of retirement matching as provisioned in SECURE Act 2.0.

Organizational Financial Wellness

PNC Student Debt Solution — Enhance Your Employees’ Financial Wellness by Reducing the Cost And Stress Associated with Student Debt

See an overview of the PNC Student Debt Solution benefits. Student debt benefits are key to incentivizing loyalty and attracting new talent among employees of all ages. [2] 

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