Account Verification Services

Help Expedite Payments without Accelerating Fraud

Real-time access to bank-sourced account and demographic data that can help you trust your trading partner or planned payee

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What is Account Verification Services?

PNC Account Verification Services can help you confirm the existence of an account, its status, standing, and even ownership or control, prior to initiating a payment to or against that account, that can help you avoid financial loss brought about by fraud, return item fees, and other administrative costs.


Benefits of Account Verification Services

PNC Account Verification Services can help you achieve a number of strategic goals:


Reduce Payments Fraud
& Return Items

  • Verify account existence, ownership, and signers for both personal and business accounts.
  • Confirm the current status of a bank account in real time and learn of recent history (positive or negative) associated with the account.
  • Reduce fees associated with chargebacks and returns.


Accelerate Throughput
of Payment Activities

  • Improve the enrollment throughput of qualified customers.
  • Speed up risk decisoning, so you can do more faster.
  • Increase company funds retrieval with peace of mind when accepting or debiting payments.

Improve Your Organization's
'Risk Hygiene'

  • Enhance and streamline customer and other due diligence activities.
  • Help meet account verification regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce account takeover risk on changes to payment accounts.

Learn more about Cyber Security

Fraudsters are constantly looking for and finding ways to exploit business’ weaknesses through the use of Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Account Takeover (ATO), waiting for someone to take the bait – don’t let it be you or someone in your organization.

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The Stark Reality of Social Engineering Fraud Threats


Over the last few years, social engineering scams have exponentially grown to the level of a financial epidemic. 

82% of organizations experience actual or attempted payments fraud*

80% of organizations are exposed to actual or attempted BEC fraud*

54% of organizations experience actual loss as a result of BEC fraud*

• In 2019, 23,775 Business Email Compromise / Account Takeover fraud scams were reported to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3); in aggregate, these scams resulted in nearly $1.8B in financial loss – a number that has grown steadily over the last few years.**

Learn More About
Fraud Threats

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FAQs - What do you Want to Know about PNC Account Verification Services?

Help Protect Your Business from Payments Fraud

Evaluate your company’s “risk hygiene” with the 5 E’s of Payments Fraud resource

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