Sweep Product Capabilities

Automatically transfer excess funds into short-term investments and access your line of credit

Managing your working capital and liquidity needs is an essential part of maximizing your earnings, minimizing your interest expense and avoiding the challenges of moving money to confirm that you have sufficient funds to cover your daily operations. PNC's Line of Credit Sweep Service is an effective liquidity management solution that can help increase returns on idle cash balances and minimize interest expense on your line of credit.

Based on the predetermined target account balance, any funds exceeding the target checking account balance are swept into an investment account, once daily transactions have posted. Investments are automatically liquidated from your accounts to cover daily transactions and avoid overdrafts.

Our investment Sweep services links your checking account to a non-FDIC insured money market mutual fund[1] or PNC offshore deposit account.[2]

Subject to credit approval, you can establish a Line of Credit Sweep that will work in conjunction with certain investment options. With the Line of Credit Sweep you'll borrow only the amount necessary to prevent an overdraft. Once cash has been deposited in your account, the line of credit is automatically paid down to minimize your interest costs. Only after your line of credit is paid down and your account balances exceed your pre-determined target balance, will your excess cash be swept to an investment.

With our Line of Credit Sweep Service, you'll never have to spend time managing and timing transfers and monitoring multiple accounts. Making your working capital work for you is easy and convenient.

Sweep Investment Options

Important Legal Disclosures and Information

  1. Money Market mutual funds are not insured by the FDIC or other government agency, are not deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed or endorsed by, any bank and may lose value.

  2. PNC offshore deposits are not insured by the FDIC or any other government agency and are payable only at PNC Bank, N.A.'s office in Nassau, Bahamas.

  3. BlackRock (https://www.blackrock.com/cash/en-us/account-resources/tax-resources)

  4. Fidelity (https://institutional.fidelity.com/app/item/RD_13569_14965.html)

  5. Federated Hermes (https://www.federatedinvestors.com/resources/resource-centers/tax-center.do)

PNC Bank Nassau Sweep deposits are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or guaranteed by the United States Government or any agency thereof. In the event of failure of PNC Bank, the funds in your PNC Nassau Sweep deposit would be treated as unsecured, non-deposit liabilities, and you would be a general unsecured creditor of PNC Bank.

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