Coupa Pay

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PNC’s Commercial Card Programs

PNC and Coupa Pay

Virtual Cards & Business Spend Management

Through PNC’s integration with Visa Commercial Pay B2B, PNC can deliver virtual card accounts to business spend management platforms enabled within the Conferma B2B procurement network. 

Coupa Business Spend Management

Coupa’s business spend management platform helps companies gain visibility and control over spend while increasing efficiency, reducing risks, and improving the bottom line. Now you can add more value to that investment by automating the payments process using integrated PNC Virtual Card Accounts.

Virtual Card Optimization Within Coupa Pay

  • Within Coupa Pay, companies can request a one-time virtual card issued by PNC to pay on invoice approval or right at the time of purchase. 
  • Accounting and budgeting information can be collected and approved up-front as part of a purchase request. 
  • For each transaction in Coupa, a unique card number is generated for the authorized amount. Coupa sends the card details and automatically reconciles the resulting charges and statements back to the accounting system.  
  • Suppliers get fast access to cash, and one-time suppliers no longer have a lengthy onboarding process.

PNC Virtual Card Accounts & Coupa Pay

Card on Invoice
Virtual card is generated to pay approved invoices. Card details are sent to the supplier.

Card on PO (On-boarded Suppliers)
Virtual card is generated at the time of PO approval. Card details can be sent either to the supplier or the requester.

Card on PO (One-time Suppliers)
Virtual card is generated at the time of PO approval and sent to the requester to complete the purchase avoiding supplier onboarding. Card details are added to PO.

PNC Commercial Visa Card


Minimize fraud risk and protect sensitive financial information


Establish granular payment parameters


Automating and streamlining reconciliation


Enhanced data for better insight on business spend