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It’s quick and simple and delivers payments faster than conventional processes.

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Step 1: Send

Security holders can quickly and securely review, complete, and electronically sign deal documents in minutes - from anywhere they have online access.


Step 2: Sign

Our personalized signing experience enables deal documents to be completed accurately the first time, saving time and expediting payments.


Step 3: Close

Close without the time-consuming process of printing and mailing the many deal documents.



PNC Bank M&A Escrow & Paying Agent Services

Watch this short video to learn how PNC has modernized the M&A escrow and payments industry.

Advantages of PNC Paid

  • Eliminate paper-based payment processes in merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions.
  • The online portal allows security holders to complete and submit deal documents online via mobile or desktop applications.
  • It's quick and simple and delivers payments faster than conventional processes.
  • Security holders can manage payment information online, choose payment method (Fedwire, ACH or check) and view their deal payment status. The easy-to-use platform is available 24/7/365.
  • PNC also manages optionholder payments to former employees, eliminating the pain of keeping seller’s payroll open after closing.
  • Access for security holders, buyers, seller and deal counsel.

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Access a Personalized Deal Dashboard

PNC PAID provides direct access to key information on their current and prior deals. Monitor deal progress in real-time. Solicitation, payment status, transaction activity and more are immediately available.

Maintain Control of your M&A Deal

PNC is the only bank to provide
full service from end-to-end

Pre-Closing Solicitation

Eliminate printing and mailing of pre-closing deal documents:


Use industry-leading technology to streamline the payment process:

  • Complete and submit documents on line.
  • Allow security holder to complete and submit deal documents online.


Set up escrow accounts:

  • Work with PNC’s experienced and responsive team.
  • Provide rapid turnaround on review and execution of the escrow agreement.
  • Tailor a program to meet the needs of the parties under tight time constraints — sometimes in a matter of hours.

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Optionholder Payments

Deliver optionholder payments:

  • Manage optionholder payments to former employees so that the seller’s payroll does not need to remain open after closing.
  • Get flexible solutions for current and former employees to ensure vested and unvested payments are made in a timely manner.


Ready to Help

Organizations seeking to mitigate counterparty risk often utilize an escrow solution. PNC’s escrow team can provide rapid turnaround and flexible solutions for your escrow needs. Having services under the same roof saves our clients time and energy.

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