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What Kinds of Risks Does Your Business Face?

Every day you discover more about the risks affecting your business – attracting and retaining the right talent, fighting cyber payments fraud, managing cash transactions securely and reducing interest rate and currency exposure. Some risks are obvious. Others are not. We can help you identify the primary risks your business faces and deliver new ways to mitigate them. Contact a PNC Commercial Relationship Manager to learn more.

Employee Programs to Attract and Retain Talent

Attracting and retaining the right talent may be one of your greatest challenges. One way to reduce turnover risk and keep your workforce engaged is by offering robust and compelling benefits. PNC can work with you to design and implement programs specifically focused on your needs:

  • 401(k) plans.
  • Health savings accounts.
  • Financial wellness programs.
  • PNC Workplace Banking.

Tools to Manage International Transaction Risks

PNC offers tools that can help make it easier for you to manage your international business and transactions while reducing risk:

  • PINACLE®, PNC’s top-rated mobile and online banking portal, can help you efficiently transfer funds internationally and reduce F/X risk.
  • PNC's Import, Export and Standby Letters of Credit can help you more securely and conveniently transact business internationally.

Ways to Mitigate Payments Fraud

Eighty two percent[1] of companies were targets of payments fraud in 2018. PNC’s tools can help you:

  • Reduce check disbursement risk.
  • Maintain tighter control over check issuance and payment.
  • Define debit controls and block ACH debits and checks from posting.

Cash and Check Handling Tools

Businesses that handle large amounts of cash or checks face significant risks, including human error, theft and counterfeiting. PNC’s solutions include:

  • Cash Logistics services designed to help you handle daily operating cash efficiently and securely.
  • PNC’s Remote Safe Solution to help manage cash at the cashier level and improve accountability.
  • Deposit On-Site® and Deposit On-Site Mobile to help prevent checks from being transmitted twice and provide additional security controls.

Interest Rate Risk Mitigation

Who knows where interest rates will head next? PNC offers financial products that can help protect against fluctuations in interest rates such as:

  • Interest rate swap to lock-in a fixed rate for a floating rate loan.
  • Interest rate cap to cap the interest rate on a floating rate loan.
  • Treasury lock or forward starting swap to hedge the interest rate on a debt issuance.

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  2. 2019 AFP® Risk Survey Report: The Evolving Treasury Ecosystem.

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