Midland Customer Service

Midland Customer Service

Midland is committed to responding to borrowers' needs and providing superior customer service.

Midland’s Borrower Portal is an intuitive platform providing self-service capabilities for clients to independently manage routine transactions and securely communicate with a dedicated servicing analyst. The portal is a best-in-class centralized hub for document management, allowing borrowers to securely upload and submit required information.

Borrower Capabilities

  • Set up, change, or stop recurring ACH payments.
  • Connect to Payer Express, PNC’s on-line payment application. 
  • Submit and track reserve draw requests, upload invoices and any additional required documentation. 
  • Receive advance and ongoing notices for financial statements, rent rolls and other required operating documents; with access to a quick upload. 
  • View waterfall statements and system generated correspondence, including billing statements, maturity notices, and insurance letters.

Client Portal Benefits

  • View important loan details and self-service across a range of common functions providing greater control and transparency. 
  • View easy to follow reminders, payment status, and other time sensitive matters. 
  • A familiar and intuitive user experience.

Additional Client Portal Functionality

Borrowers administer and control access to their loans, as well as the capabilities of approved users, through the Borrower Administrator functionality. The Service Request functionality enables borrowers to communicate with the Midland team by sending messages, inquiries, and requests. When new activity occurs requiring borrower action, emails are generated to an approved email address with system log in prompts.

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