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Access your International Cash Position & Trade Transactions

PINACLE®, PNC’s top-rated corporate online and mobile banking portal, provides comprehensive access to your international cash position, enables you to initiate international payments and helps you manage global cash flows. You can also improve security by assigning accounts and entitlements to your PINACLE operators based on need.

Send or Receive U.S. & International Payments Securely

Easily and securely transfer funds for same-day settlement with PINACLE's Funds Transfer module. You can set up operators, authorize the transactions they can perform, and initiate foreign payments in USD and foreign currency so your business can meet important payment commitments.
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Improve Oversight of your International Accounts

With a single sign-on, PINACLE allows you to access reporting, manage multicurrency and multibank accounts and receive the USD equivalent value using indicative exchange rates for all your account balances.
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Initiate & Approve FX Transactions

PINACLE FX offers you a secure, online foreign exchange payment mechanism with access to real-time rates for making spot and forward currency payments via wire or draft.
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Optimize Cross Border Settlements among Affiliates

PINACLE FX Netting allows you to net your worldwide intercompany payments and optimize the overall efficiency of your global cash flow.
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Initiate Trade Transactions & Automate Reporting

With PINACLE Trade Services, you can easily access information for your trade services and initiate trade transactions. This service provides an efficient and secure web-based transaction initiation and reporting system for all of your letters of credit, documentary collections and acceptance transactions.
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Important Legal Disclosures & Information

Earnings Credit and Interest eligibility and rate are variable and subject to change at any time without notice or limit. PNC reserves the right to charge an Account Balance Fee on certain currencies. Foreign exchange restrictions may apply.

Read a summary of privacy rights for California residents which outlines the types of information we collect, and how and why we use that information.