Corporate Wire Transfer

Manage International and Domestic Payments and Receipts


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Send & Receive Electronic Payments

PNC offers a fast, secure and flexible electronic payment solution that provides an effective, reliable way for you to send or receive domestic and international payments needed for same-day settlement. Our reporting and administrative tools can help your company follow sound procedures that incorporate fraud prevention practices.

Primary Initiation Options

Initiate U.S. & International Payments

Easily and securely transfer funds for same-day settlement with the PINACLE® Funds Transfer service. You can set up operators, authorize the specific transactions they can perform and include instructions so your business can meet important payment commitments.


Establish Repetitive Instructions

Standing Transfer Orders offer the ability to automate routine transfers based on a schedule determined by your company’s needs. You can choose both the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and utilize peg balances to transfer only the funds you wish to move on a routine basis. Repetitive templates are also available with our PINACLE Funds Transfer services.

Streamline High Volume Wire Transfers

File transmission of wire transfers allows you to upload a wire file from your accounting or ERP system to automate the initiation of high volume payment activity and improve efficiencies.


Obtain Transaction Reports

This service offers timely information reporting to help monitor activity and pending approvals. Fully integrated with our PINACLE Information Reporting service, you can also reconcile outgoing international payment activity and manage receivables for incoming international wires.

Additional International Funds Transfer Services

Initiate Funds Transfer Requests

With a single sign-on to PINACLE, you can initiate funds transfer requests from foreign bank accounts and access robust reporting for your accounts. 
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Initiate Online Foreign Exchange Transactions

Get access to real-time rates for making spot and forward currency payments and transfer funds globally using our online PINACLE FX service.
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Manage European Payments

Facilitate European commercial payments with EUR or GBP-denominated demand deposit accounts with a dedicated International Bank Account Number (IBAN).
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Simplify Communication with Multiple Banks

SWIFT offers a single and secure point of access for communicating with all your banking partners.
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Manage International Cash Flow through PINACLE®

PINACLE, PNC’s top-rated corporate online and mobile banking portal, can help you streamline your international cash flow management. With a single sign-on, you can initiate payments, access account reporting and view USD-equivalent balances for foreign currency accounts. You can also initiate funds transfer requests for accounts held at foreign banks, manage your foreign exchange transactions and access international trade services to reduce payment and collection risks. Learn More »

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