Try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Are you entering the correct information? To log in to PINACLE/PINACLE Express services, you must enter your Company User ID in the first field, your Operator ID in the second field and your Password in the third field of the Account Login box located on the Login page. If required, you must also enter your Token Passcode in the fourth field of the Account Login box. Then click "Log In."
    Note: Your authentication information is either listed on your Implementation Data Sheet or can be provided to you by your company's PINACLE Administrator.

  2. Have you returned your Data Security sheets? Your company's PINACLE Administrators must return this information for your company's access to be enabled.

  3. Has your Administrator enabled your access? You will need to contact a PINACLE Administrator at your company for access. Your PINACLE Administrator can provide you with your Company User ID, Operator ID, initial password and token device used for generating a one-time passcode per login (if required).

  4. Has your Operator ID been disabled or are you experiencing a duplicate login? If so, a PINACLE Administrator at your company will need to reset your Operator ID. Once you have been re-enabled, you will need to shut down and restart your browser in order to try your access again.

  5. Can you access other web sites? If you cannot access other sites, there might be a problem with your browser or connection.
  6. Does your browser meet our minimum requirements? Learn about our Browser Requirements and view your browser information (i.e. browser type and version) to ensure that it meets our current requirements.

    If your browser does not meet our requirements, you will need to upgrade to the recommended version. NOTE: Please remember to follow your company's standards and policies for installing software. If you do not know what your policies are, contact your Information Systems department before downloading and installing new software.


Important Legal Disclosures and Information

PINACLE is a Registered Trademark of The PNC Financial Services, Inc.

Read a summary of privacy rights for California residents which outlines the types of information we collect, and how and why we use that information.