PNC WorkPlace Banking®
Bank-at-Work Program

Support your employees' financial wellness in a new way.

A part of PNC Organizational Financial Wellness

A Financial Wellness Program to Benefit
You and Your Employees

Your employees work hard for their money – it should work hard for them.

With more than 25 years servicing companies and their employees, PNC WorkPlace Banking empowers them with access to PNC products and money management tools, rewards for certain eligible products and services, and dedicated PNC specialists to help guide them on their financial journey.

WorkPlace Banking Employee Rewards

WorkPlace Banking Employee Rewards

PNC offers free virtual and onsite meetings to meet your employees' banking needs. As PNC WorkPlace Banking customers, your employees may qualify to earn a variety of cash rewards on certain banking products and services.[1]

WorkPlace Banking Employee Rewards

Engagement at All Career Stages

You have employees at every stage of their careers – from those just entering the workforce with early financial questions, to middle managers with growing financial needs, to senior executives looking for individual guidance. PNC WorkPlace Banking is able to connect employees with a variety of resources that help address their unique goals and needs.

WorkPlace Banking Employee Rewards

Financial Wellness

Financially-stressed employees cost American businesses $500 billion a year in productivity alone.[2] PNC WorkPlace Banking offers free financial education programs to help employees feel more secure as they make informed financial decisions.

Engage & Delight Your Employees

Attracting and retaining outstanding employees is essential to your company’s success.

Reward them with valuable benefits at limited cost or administrative burden to your company. Financial education, consultation, select offers and rewards — PNC WorkPlace Banking can help instill financial confidence and peace of mind.

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Easy for You & Your Employees

Financial Wellness Workshops

Experienced PNC specialists support your internal events – such as new hire orientations, select employee presentations, and company benefits fairs – with financial education seminars designed to engage and inform your employees.

Choose from beginner or advanced topics when you schedule these valuable seminars, offered at no charge to PNC WorkPlace Banking companies.

Turnkey Promotional Materials

We supply turnkey flyers, brochures, emails and other communications to help you explain the benefits of the program and help generate employee interest and excitement.

Reduced Payroll Administration Costs

We help encourage employee participation in your direct deposit program, simplifying the administration and processing of payroll, which can help reduce your related costs.

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See an overview of PNC WorkPlace Banking, including key program features that benefit your employees and your business.


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