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Bank-at-Work Program

Offer an employee program with certain rewards on eligible banking products. Make banking easier and convenient through sessions with a dedicated PNC WorkPlace Banking team. All of this is available at no additional cost or administrative burden to your company.

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Introducing PNC WorkPlace Banking® WorkPlace Wellness! 

Your dedicated resource for financial wellness insights that matter to you.

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It’s critical to the success of your business to be able to attract and retain the best employees, but it can be expensive to offer unique value-added programs.

We can help you add valuable new employee benefits — at no cost to your company and with no additional administrative burden.

Your employees will have access to financial education and a more complete banking relationship, often with certain offers and rewards.

Added Benefits at No Added Cost

Benefits for Employees Mean Employee Satisfaction

Your employees work hard for their money. Now it’s time to make it work for them. The PNC WorkPlace Banking program can give your employees access to various products and money management tools, rewards for certain eligible products and services and the power of PNC specialists to help guide them on their financial journey. And through our bank-at-work program, convenience is key – we come to your employees.

  • Attend free financial wellness workshops 
  • Apply for a new bank account or learn more through your PNC WorkPlace Banker – switching to PNC is easier than you may think

Learn more about our bank-at-work program benefits for Employees »

Support Employee Financial Wellness

Financial stress is shown to have a real impact on employer – and employee – productivity and even health. In fact, 4 out of 5 employers report that their employees’ personal financial issues are impacting their job performance resulting in increased stress, inability to focus and absenteeism and tardiness.[1] PNC WorkPlace Banking offers financial education programs free of charge to help your employees make informed financial decisions.

Reduced Payroll Administration Costs

We help encourage employee participation in your direct deposit program, simplifying the administration and processing of payroll, which can help reduce your related payroll costs.

Implementation is Easy, For You & Your Employees

The PNC WorkPlace Banking team collaborates with you to share information with your employees supported by customized marketing materials to build program awareness. This allows us to deliver the full benefits of the program, including educational sessions, to your employees.

Financial Wellness Seminars

Experienced PNC specialists support your internal events, including new hire orientations, select employee presentations and company benefits fairs.

Financial education seminars are regularly offered at no charge to PNC WorkPlace Banking companies. Help increase employee financial wellness and employee engagement through multiple seminar topics ranging from beginner levels to advanced.


Custom Promotional Materials

We supply turnkey flyers, brochures and email communications to help you explain the benefits of the program to your employees. Your dedicated PNC WorkPlace Banking team will work with you to help generate employee interest and excitement.

Employee Engagement at All Life Stages

You have employees at every stage of their careers – from those just entering the workforce with early financial questions, to middle managers with growing financial needs, to senior executives looking for individual guidance. PNC WorkPlace Banking is able to connect employees with a variety of resources that help address their unique goals and needs. 



Employees Benefit With WorkPlace Banking

You can help your employees access high-value benefits including certain rewards for select banking products and services. They also have a team of PNC professionals dedicated to helping them meet their financial goals.

Learn more about our bank-at-work program benefits for Employees »



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  1. International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP): “Financial Education for Today’s Workforce”: 2016 Survey Results.

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