PNC Capital Markets

Solutions that go beyond

If you need to expand access to capital, mitigate risk, manage liquidity or require investment banking services, PNC’s capital markets capabilities which are offered through PNC Bank and PNC Capital Markets LLC can deliver comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional financing.

PNC's Asset-Backed Finance group provides customized services focused on structuring, execution, placement and administration of securitization transactions. Through securitization, PNC can help your company to use your assets to obtain debt, equity or hybrid capital financing, improve liquidity, lower financing costs and diversify your overall capital structure.

PNC’s team of experienced professionals can help you navigate the markets, identify value and facilitate trades in all types of fixed income securities including taxable and municipal fixed income.

From simply initiating and paying for foreign exchange transactions via the Internet to obtaining foreign currency loans, transferring funds globally and hedging foreign exchange risk, PNC offers the tools and the experience to help you grow internationally.

PNC has the experience and expertise to effectively lead, structure, arrange, distribute and administer multi-bank credit facilities to help support your company's goals.

Harris Williams, a subsidiary of PNC, is a global investment bank specializing in merger and acquisition (M&A) and private capital advisory services. Clients worldwide rely on Harris Williams to help unlock value in their business and turn ambitious goals into reality.

PNC's Public Finance Capital Markets Group offers a full suite of municipal debt-based structures and products. Higher education, K-12 schools, governments, charter schools, non-profit and cultural institutions, housing and redevelopment, and healthcare clients rely on PNC for underwriting, selling and trading municipal bonds enabling us to generate a positive impact on the communities we serve. PNC provides its clients throughout the U.S. comprehensive borrowing and financial management solutions. 

PNC Capital Markets delivers a broad array of public markets solutions, including high-yield and investment grade bonds, convertible bonds, hybrid securities and equity capital. Market knowledge, structuring expertise and strong execution are also part of our overall service to our clients.

PNC can help you access the long-term capital market by arranging fixed income senior debt private placements structured for your growth and bottom-line targets.

PNC’s team of dedicated senior derivatives specialist can work with you to identify the right tools and approaches including interest rate swaps, swaptions, caps, floors, collars and other derivative products to help you manage interest rate and commodity risk.

Important Legal Disclosures and Information

Allocation of Callable Securities Your account may contain “callable” securities, which allow the issuer to repurchase or redeem the securities by a specified date.  In the event of a partial redemption or call of securities by the issuer, PNC Capital Markets LLC will allocate among its customers, the securities being selected as called, on a fair and impartial basis through a randomized lottery system.  If your account contains callable securities subject to a partial redemption or call, the probability of your securities being selected as called is proportional to the holdings of all customers of such securities held in bulk by PNC Capital Markets LLC.  Notwithstanding the foregoing statements, PNC Capital Markets LLC will further ensure equitable allocation of the callable securities by excluding itself as well as its interested persons from the lottery system when the redemption is made on terms that are favorable to PNC Capital Markets LLC; and including itself as well as its interested persons in the lottery system when the redemption is made on terms that are unfavorable to PNC Capital Markets LLC.

Read a summary of privacy rights for California residents which outlines the types of information we collect, and how and why we use that information.