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In today's unpredictable market, hedging strategies are more important than ever. PNC offers a full suite of Capital Markets products and solutions to help you manage your risk. Is your company's interest rate risk consistent with your risk appetite and tolerance? Identifying and managing interest rate exposure is essential in managing your assets and liabilities. Does your company have international sales or purchases or are you contemplating future international activity? PNC's foreign exchange hedging tools can do more than manage risk. They can help you secure pricing and costs to help you manage your bottom line. Are your company’s earnings susceptible to changes in energy prices? PNC's commodity hedging desk can work with you to structure solutions that will help your company mitigate the risk of the volatile energy markets.

Risk Management Solutions

Interest Rate Hedging

Through the use of interest rate swaps, swaptions, caps, floors, collars and other derivative products, PNC's Derivative Products Group can provide the options you need to help you mitigate your interest rate risk.

Our team of senior derivative specialists will work with you to assess your hedging needs and objectives. We will develop an appropriate hedging strategy to manage interest rate risk and lower funding costs.

Common hedging strategies include:

  • Locking in a fixed rate to hedge a floating rate loan with an interest rate swap.
  • Capping the interest rate on a floating rate loan with an interest rate cap.
  • Hedging the interest rate on an anticipated debt issuance with a treasury lock or a forward starting swap.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange hedging tools can help you to manage foreign exchange risk more effectively, secure pricing and costs, and potentially increase profits and reduce expenses.

PNC's dedicated team of senior foreign exchange consultants can help you identify exposures and determine the appropriate risk management tools to effectively hedge global risk, enabling you to benefit from favorable market conditions.

Customized solutions include:

  • Spot and Forward Contracts in all major and most emerging market currencies.
  • Mitigate risk while preserving upside potential with Range Forward Contracts and Participating Forward Contracts,as well as “Vanilla” options and Forward Extras.
  • Full range of option structures including non-deliverable forwards and cross-currency interest rate swaps.
  • Netting of intra company payables across multiple currencies.

Commodity Hedging

PNC’s energy commodities team can help clients manage oil and natural gas price risk. For commodity producers, hedging can help achieve greater revenue certainty and for commodity consumers, hedging can potentially reduce input costs.

Our commodity capabilities include:

  • Natural gas
  • Crude oil
  • Crude products
  • Natural gas liquids

Common hedging strategies include:

  • Locking in a fixed price swap for future energy purchases or sales.
  • Using put or call options to limit market exposure while maintaining upside potential.

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