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Fall 2020: News & Insights

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Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

2020 State of Endowments: Past, Present & Future

We review the state of endowments, focusing on returns based on asset allocation and endowment size, using information from the 2019 NACUBO study.

15 min read

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

A Guide to Investing Donor-Advised Fund Assets

Charitable organizations need to provide a wide spectrum of asset allocation recommendations to address the goals of their donors.

7 min read

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

Understanding Special Distributions from Long-Term Asset Pools

What are some of the challenges for nonprofit organizations when choosing to make special distributions from longer-term asset pools?

11 min read

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

Outsourcing Donor-Advised Funds

The benefits of outsourcing administrative and operational responsibilities in order to focus on donor relationships.

4 min read

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

Corporate Philanthropy

Using private foundations to achieve corporate philanthropy goals.

5 min read

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

Company-Sponsored Philanthropy: Donor-Advised Funds

The ease of establishing a donor-advised fund allows this low-cost charitable vehicle to be a long-term solution to create an impact on your company.

5 min read

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