Enterprise Financial Modeling

Actionable Analytics Going Beyond
Investment Returns

Helping Institutions See Their Futures in Words and Numbers

Enterprise Financial Modeling holistically integrates investment and financial decisions helping to improve outcomes.

Manage Assets

Goals-Based Investment Framework

Implementing a goals-based investment framework can aid with navigating periods of uncertainty or instability.

3 min read

Manage Assets

Five Questions to Ask about Investment Management

How can institutions better understand their investment goals, and how do investment assets contribute to financial health?

4 min read

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

Governance and Oversight: Essential Components of an Investment Program

Reviewing the role of governance and oversight in helping institutional investment programs reach successful outcomes over the long term.

6 min read

Manage Assets

A Holistic Approach to Investment Management for Healthcare Providers

Demand for health services continues to rise steadily, with spending becoming an increasingly larger portion of national expenditures.

3 min read

Market Updates

Weekly Market Watch

This Market Watch provides a recap of the previous week’s economic and market activity and is designed to give PNC’s perspective on happenings in both US and international markets.

Global Market Snapshot

This snapshot provides a quick tour around the world, highlighting key economic and market-moving news occuring over the past month or so.

Additional Information

About the Endowment & Foundation
National Practice Group

The Endowment & Foundation National Practice Group builds on
our long-standing commitment to philanthropy and is focused on endowments, private and public foundations, and nonprofit organizations. We seek to help these organizations address their distinct investment, distribution and capital preservation challenges.

Investment Solutions for
Nonprofit Organizations

We invest in specialized resources, human capital, and our communities to serve endowment and foundation clients whose visions span the spectrum of the nonprofit sector.

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