Export Working Capital Loans

Secure Financing to Support Global Growth

To grow competitively in the global market, or meet an unexpected large export order, your company may need access to additional liquidity to purchase goods and services.

Using the Export-Import Bank of the United States’ (Ex-Im Bank) guarantee, PNC Bank can provide a working capital loan so your company can seize new opportunities and grow beyond the domestic U.S. market.  

Export Working Capital Financing can help U.S. Exporters  

  • Pay for direct and indirect costs, including raw materials, indirect costs such as labor and finished goods or services for export.
  • Finance international receivables and issue letters of credit used as performance or bid bonds.
  • Support sales to another U.S. company when your product is integrated with goods that will ultimately be sold to foreign buyers.
  • Expand your collateral base by including export-related inventory and receivables and higher disbursement rates.
  • Avoid costly delays and missed opportunities, since PNC may lend up to $25 million without seeking prior guarantee approval (Ex-Im Bank has granted PNC Fast Track “Super” Delegated Authority).

Excellence Across our Business

PNC holds the Presidential “E” Award for Excellence in Export Services (awarded by the U.S. Department of Commerce.)

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