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Commercial Card Solutions

Enhance your payment mix with the right card
solutions for your business



Choose the Right Card for Your Business

As one of the nation’s top treasury management providers, PNC offers a full suite of commercial card services backed by industry-leading technology. Our dedicated and experienced team works with you to help maximize the efficiencies and cost savings of integrating cards in your payment mix. We can help you improve spend management, mitigate fraud risk and reduce administrative costs.


Purchasing Card for General Procurement


Streamline the procurement of goods and services by reducing the time and expenses associated with the traditional purchasing process — without costly investment, complicated implementations or reduced control over individual spending levels and budgets.

Corporate Card for Travel & Entertainment


Pay for business travel-related expenses and simplify the employee reimbursement process while maintaining visibility, control, and gaining significant cost savings. PNC offers exceptional cardholder benefits such as baggage delay reimbursement, trip delay reimbursement, and hotel/motel insurance.

If your company already uses an expense management system we can work with it, and if not we offer an integrated solution with premium features.

PNC also offers an Executive Card that includes robust benefits and exceptional features such as airline club membership and Global Entry/TSA PreCheck.

Fleet Card


Maintain full control and security over fuel and non-fuel purchases related to your vehicle fleet and customize your program at the individual card level. Our streamlined Fleet Card solution provides an effective and convenient payment process that responds to the changing dynamics of your business, which can help you increase payment efficiencies and control costs.

Purchasing and Travel in One Card 


Mid-size companies may prefer to combine procurement and travel functionality in a simplified, single-card solution. Leverage an easy and economical way to make your purchase order and expense reimbursement processes more efficient — all while effectively monitoring and managing individuals’ spending levels.


PNC Commercial Rewards Card®

PNC designed a unique card based on in-depth study of the needs of commercial-sized businesses. The PNC Commercial Rewards Card® offers a revolving credit option and a suite of benefits that can help you optimize your cash flow.

There is no annual fee, no FX fee, a 0% introductory APR for the first six billing cycles, and a competitive APR thereafter.

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Accounts Payable Cards

Incorporate cards as a settlement option within your existing accounts payables (AP) process with PNC’s ActivePay® solution. PNC can help you maximize payment controls, improve days payable outstanding (DPO), enhance transaction and data management, expand your card program and increase the financial benefits of card usage.

Canadian Card

PNC Bank Canada Branch offers a full suite of Canadian Dollar denominated payment cards including Commercial, Corporate, Payables and Purchasing. Cardholders are supported with both English- and French-language materials and customer service.

Single-use Accounts or Virtual Accounts

Reduce fraud with cards that are valid for only one transaction. These types of accounts can be used when making post-invoice payments in an accounts payable card program and for travel as well. They can be a good solution for making airline purchases, booking hotel stays and other kinds of charges. Your employees do not need to use a physical card when making purchases.

Multinational Card Programs

Easily and efficiently manage your global payments. Through our unique collaboration with Barclaycard, a leading European Visa commercial card issuer, PNC offers an effective solution that supports your employees with local-currency cards, controls expenses and integrates reporting of global purchasing – across North America and 25 European countries. PNC’s Solutions can help enhance financial management and improve efficiencies at home and abroad.

Additional Convenience for Commercial Card


The Coupa business spending management platform helps companies gain visibility and control over spend while increasing efficiency, reducing risks and improving payroll processes.

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PNC received A recognition in the Phoenix-Hecht Quality Index™ 

for Card Technical Support

Expect Benefits to the Broader Enterprise

A PNC card program can help benefit your company as a whole with innovative tools that can help improve transparency, reduce fraud risk and eliminate unnecessary back-office tasks.

Improve Spend Management

A tailored card program can help you improve cash flow:

Improve your DPO

With payment terms of 25 days and the ability to choose your monthly statement cycle date, you can improve your Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), resulting in a positive cash flow that may benefit every department in your organization.

Add mobile payment capability
to your card program

PNC is one of the first U.S. banks to extend mobile payment functionality to a payment card product suite. By adding their payment card to a mobile device, PNC cardholders can make purchases at leading retailers without having to reach for their wallet.

Tailor a program for
the needs of your business

We assign experienced implementation specialists to work with your business to plan, design, develop and implement a card program that takes your specific needs into account. We offer turnkey program materials and round-the-clock customer service for cardholders.

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Mitigate Fraud Risk

In addition to the processes and tools used to detect fraud, PNC continues to develop products and solutions that can help minimize the instances and impact of fraud. Our comprehensive fraud mitigation products and services include:

Visa IntelliLink Compliance Auditor Payment Processing Experience

Can help you detect employee fraud or misuse. The application allows you to set rules that mirror your own expense policy so that you can identify activity that has occurred against that policy and then manage it after the fact.

Dynamic CVV plastic

A battery-powered e-ink display on the back of the card replaces a static three-digit value. This solution can help prevent Card-Not-Present fraud by rendering any compromised card data virtually useless when the merchant passes the CVV value during transaction authorization.

Fraud Text Alerts

Cardholders may enroll to receive text alerts when a potentially fraudulent transaction has been identified on their account.  This allows the bank to verify the transaction as quickly as possible and to resolve the issue to prevent future transactions being declined.

Enhance Administrative Efficiency

The right card program can help reduce back-office tasks and employee reporting frustrations while improving transparency into transactions.

Simplify the Application Process

Approve employee requests for cards quickly and easily with our Online Application module, which allow electronic review and approval. Employee card spending and velocity limits can be configured at the individual account level for optimal flexibility.

Streamline your Program Administration

Receive one consolidated bill for all of the individual accounts in your card program, eliminating the need to cut individual checks for each vendor invoice or cardholder account.

Make it easier for employees to submit accurate and complete expense reports

Cardholders can upload receipts from their mobile device to attach and then complete their expense reports while traveling.

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