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Get comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional financing

Capital Origination

Negotiate documents and educate investors

As a top ten remarketing agent, PNC Capital Markets LLC's (PNCCM) team of Relationship Managers and Capital Markets specialists employ best practice standards for transaction execution and provide:

  • New issue bond and note underwriting with sizable underwriting capacity and strong secondary market support.
  • Public, private or limited offerings.
  • Tax-exempt, taxable, or AMT.
  • Asset-backed finance.
  • Remarketing agent services.
  • Loan syndications.
  • Variable rate experience and structural capabilities.

Improve capital efficiency and maximize opportunities

PNCCM offers comprehensive analyses of capital structure, accounting for your institution’s strategic positioning and goals. We evaluate:

  • Market opportunities.
  • New product applications, including integration with existing structures and products.
  • Asset and operations valuation.

Gain valuable insight

Our industry-leading analytical resources include:

  • Quantitative approaches and solutions.
  • Road show and investor support.
  • Option valuation model to assess option-adjusted pricing.
  • Asset-backed finance and securitization.
  • Debt capacity and rating agency modelling.

PNC operates the

7th largest interest rate derivatives book

among U.S. Banks (notional) as of June 30, 2020.

PNCCM is a remarketing agent for over

180 bond issues or
$4.6 billion par

as of July 31, 2020.

Manage Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Risk

PNC provides hedging capabilities competitive with the largest market participants. PNC Bank, N.A. is an attractive counterparty as a federally chartered bank with a strong balance sheet.

Get individualized
hedging solutions.

PNC offers in-depth market knowledge and timely commentary coupled with individual portfolio analytics, observations and risk assessment. We offer:

  • Swaps, swaptions, accreting hedges, basis swap, constant maturity swaps, cancellables, caps, floors, collars, strategic unwinds, and novations.
  • Tradable floating rate indices include LIBOR, Prime, CP, SIFMA, Fed Funds, CMT, commodity indices, and constant maturity.

Mitigate risk while
preserving upside potential.

Our option structures include non-deliverable forwards and cross currency interest rate swaps along with:

  • Spot and forward contracts in all major and most emerging currencies.
  • Range forward contracts and participating forward contracts, as well as “vanilla” options and Forward Extras.
  • Netting of intra company payables across multiple currencies.

Benefit from selling and
sourcing in foreign currency.

PNC offers the tools and experience to help you:

  • Initiate and pay for foreign exchange transactions via the Internet.
  • Obtain foreign currency loans.
  • Transfer funds globally.
  • Hedge foreign exchange risk.

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For more than 160 years, PNC has navigated a steady course while growing in size and service. Today, we’re one of the largest and well-capitalized financial services companies in the country.

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