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Fall 2020 Issue


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COVID-19 on the Front Lines

How the pandemic has impacted the healthcare industry


A Note From Brian Kelly, Head of PNC Healthcare

From patient interactions to investment performance, COVID-19 and the ongoing restrictions around it have impacted virtually every aspect of the healthcare industry. Since the rapid onset of disruption, a number of financial trends, obstacles and opportunities have emerged, and staying on top of these can be vital to helping your organization come out strong on the other side of the pandemic.

To help you do that, PNC Healthcare continues to provide financial insights, information and guidance for healthcare organizations through our Healthcare Matters Newsletter. This month, we take an in-depth look at the value of telehealth in a COVID-19 world; protecting your organization from fraud during disruption; the importance of an Employee Financial Wellness Program; and how structured securities optimize a portfolio’s risk-reward profile.

I invite you to explore these issues, as well as our COVID-19 on the Front Lines four-part article series, focused on the impact the pandemic has had on healthcare and how providers and payers are planning for the future.

We sincerely appreciate our relationship with you, and hope you find these articles informative and timely. Our objective is to help you financially navigate through these challenging times and the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Healthcare Matters


Telehealth: Proving its Value in the COVID-19 World

Senior professionals from Harris Williams explore developments that make the growing telehealth industry a compelling investment.

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The Benefits of Employee Financial Wellness in Healthcare

Explore how improving financial security can help you reduce workforce volatility and replacement costs, improve patient satisfaction and build a healthier bottom line.

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The Case for Structured Securities

Structured securities—namely asset-backed securities (ABS) and agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS)—can help mitigate risk, stabilize income, and a lower correlation with risk assets, such as equities by optimizing a portfolio’s risk-reward profile.

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Protecting Your Organization from Fraud during Business Disruption

During this stressful period, more fraud schemes are taking advantage of the news headlines to prey on natural human anxieties. Learn to recognize some of the more common and dangerous attempts and know what to do and what not to do.

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COVID-19 on the Front Lines Series

Permission to Accelerate

Third Article in Series: How Healthcare is Implementing Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

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COVID’s Lasting Impact on Our Healthcare Systems

Fourth Article in Series: In the face of challenges, organizations can transform to survive or face being overtaken by stronger competitors.

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Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic On
Healthcare Providers and Payers

First Article in Series: What’s Happening Now and What Does the Future Hold?

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How Successful Healthcare Providers
Approached the COVID-19 Crisis

Second Article in Series: What a Cross-Section of Providers Learned from the Current Crisis

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