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What Business Goals Can You Achieve With The Right Financing?

Are you managing inventory fluctuations, putting new technologies to work evolving your business model or considering an acquisition? The right financing is a key element of your success. PNC brings comprehensive lending alternatives that can help you strengthen, operate and grow your company.

Equipment and Technology Finance

With strong expertise in the assets that power your business, the PNC Equipment Finance team offers the full complement of finance alternatives to help you:

  • Obtain the equipment you need while preserving cash and maximizing budgets.
  • Move beyond replacement and establish a program to stay on the cutting edge of technology and reduce operating costs.
  • Take advantage of funding for a wide range of assets, technologies and projects that may include soft costs like delivery, installation and more.
  • Access structures that can enhance cash flows and return on investment – based on your equipment needs. 

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Revolving Lines of Credit

A Revolving Line of Credit is one of the most effective tools to manage short-term funding needs and can help your company:

  • Overcome fluctuations in cash flows driven by unexpected expenses or seasonal demand.
  • Act quickly to fund short-term projects with immediate access to capital.
  • Negotiate, plan and acquire inventory needs more effectively without disturbing cash reserves.
  • Lower the cost of capital by using competitively priced revolving debt to manage short term funding needs instead of operating cash.
  • Fund transformation and expansion expenses in the short-term until revenues arrive when plans materialize.

When it comes to service - EXPECT EXCELLENCE!

Over 90% of the clients surveyed consistently rate our Loan Administration team’s performance as “excellent” when it comes to:

  • Making it easy to do business with PNC
  • Processing requests accurately and timely
  • Being responsive to questions within 24 hours
  • Being knowledgeable about PNC processes and services
  • Taking ownership of and effectively resolving any problems

PNC has a dedicated Loan Administration team who is responsible to service your needs so that you can focus on your business.

Service For the Way You Work

Not only can PNC borrowers receive highly rated support, you also have access to interactive, web-based tools that can help save time and offer secure access to information — anytime, anywhere — through PINACLE®, PNC’s top-rated online commercial banking tool.

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International Financing Solutions

Main street businesses are increasingly taking advantage of opportunities in a global marketplace. Doing business across borders requires specialized financing and risk mitigation. PNC provides:

  • Import, Export and Standby Letters of Credit to help ease the negotiation process and build confidence with international suppliers.
  • Foreign exchange services that range from Multi-Currency Accounts to Online Multi-Currency Payments.
  • Currency risk mitigation to help you manage the financial risk of doing business in multiple currencies and increase competitiveness.
  • Trade Finance solutions through the U.S. EXIM Bank that help turn export opportunities into sales.

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Comprehensive Card Programs

PNC offers a comprehensive suite of payment card programs backed by industry leading technology and dedicated client support to help you:

  • Improve management of spending.
  • Reduce back office expenses.
  • Mitigate risk and boost bottom-line results.

The PNC Commercial Rewards Card® is designed for businesses like yours. It offers:

  • No Annual Fee.
  • No Employee Card Fees.
  • 0% APR* for first 6 billing cycles.
  • 1.5% rewards on qualifying purchases. 

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Small Business Administration Loans

PNC has extensive experience with Small Business Administration (SBA) lending alternatives. By working with the SBA’s guarantee programs, we may be able to offer additional flexibility around:

  • The amount of financing approved
  • The term of the loan
  • The types of assets financed
  • The amount of collateral required
  • The historical cash flow requirements

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