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Helping You Succeed in a Vital Market

If you are a U.S. company with actual or projected operations in Canada, or a Canadian company, we offer specialized knowledge and access to credit and cash management services to help you streamline your cross border banking.

Doing Business in Canada

The United States and Canada enjoy the world’s largest and most comprehensive trading relationship, which supports millions of jobs in each country. The two countries trade more than $2 billion in goods and services daily.[1]

Although the relationship between the United States and Canada is historically close, Canada has its own customs, laws, rules, regulations – and potential -- that require just as much attention and insight as those of our more distant trading partners.

PNC Bank, through its full service branch in Canada ("PNC Canada"), can help your business succeed in this important market. Our team offers many years of combined experience and our services include:  

  • Experts that respond quickly to requests regarding treasury management and credit requirements and amendments
  • Ability to lend to your Canadian operations in Canada
  • Familiarity with your business and sector, along with existing relationships with Canadian financial institutions, professionals and suppliers that can benefit your business expansion
  • Assistance with the streamlining of collateral and documentary relationships

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U.S. Business Confidence in Canada

New survey from AmCham Canada assesses future trends in employment and perceptions of the economic climate among other issues. Learn More »

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Assistance with Cross Border Growth

Streamline Your Canadian Cash Flow

PNC Canada offers a comprehensive suite of cash management services that can be tailored to help you efficiently manage your Canadian receivables and payables.

PNC Canada's cash management services can also complement PNC's U.S. products and services so clients with cross-border operations can utilize services such as PINACLE®, PNC's top-rated online banking portal, and A/R Advantage, PNC's wholesale lockbox solution, to support their operations in both countries.

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Access Flexible Capital Solutions

PNC Business Credit is a leading provider of cash flow lending and second lien financing. We offer cross border financing for U.S.- based companies and domestic financing throughout Canada. We are positioned to meet the needs of mid-sized companies.

We believe most companies have strengths that may never appear on a balance sheet or an income statement. Our flexible capital solutions can help you meet your goals.

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Take Advantage of Emerging Opportunities

PNC Canada’s Corporate Bank provides a wide range of competitively-priced committed and uncommitted revolving and term loan facilities and letters of credit* in Canadian or U.S. dollars to corporate and commercial clients. 

These facilities can assist with operating expenses, capital equipment purchases, acquisition/expansion activities, and more.

In addition, syndications and club deals can provide flexible access to satisfy larger capital needs, including acquisitions, and can help you take advantage of emerging opportunities.

*Letters of Credit are provided by PNC Bank, National Association


Acquire the Assets You Need to Thrive

PNC Equipment Finance (“PNCEF”) is a recognized leader in providing equipment financing solutions to clients throughout the U.S. and in Canada through PNC Canada.

In Canada, PNCEF offers financing solutions to large corporations, as well as governmental agencies on a wide range of equipment assets. We provide operating leases, loans or capital leases to our clients, assisting them in acquiring the assets they need to run their business. In addition to our direct finance solutions, we offer manufacturers, distributors and equipment resellers finance programs that have proven to increase their equipment sales and provide them a competitive advantage.

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Our Executives  

David T. Olsen

Regional President and Principal Officer

PNC Bank Canada

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David T. Olsen

Regional President & Principal Officer — PNC Bank Canada Branch

David Olsen is a financial services executive with more than 20 years in the industry, and is the Regional President and Principal Officer for PNC Bank Canada Branch in Toronto, Ontario.

Working across a broad spectrum of financial services in the United States and Canada, Mr. Olsen has developed expertise in corporate banking, treasury management, business and retail banking, and risk management. 

Prior to his current role, Mr. Olsen held a number of leadership positions, including Chief Operating Officer, Regional Sales Director, and Division Manager.

Mr. Olsen serves on the Payments Committee of The Canadian Bankers Association. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Greater Toronto Area Chapter of The American Chamber of Commerce and the Founding Chairman of Select USA in Toronto.

Mr. Olsen holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Eric Brock

Chief Operating Officer

PNC Bank Canada

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Eric Brock

Chief Operating Officer — PNC Bank Canada Branch

Eric Brock currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for PNC Bank Canada Branch in Toronto, Ontario, and has more than 20 years of financial services experience in sales, business management, and regulatory compliance across retail banking, commercial banking, and investment banking.

Prior to joining PNC Bank, Brock held senior roles in anti-money laundering and sanction compliance, operations, regional program management, and investment banking relationship management for Canadian and international banks in Canada and in Latin America.

He holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Schulich School of Business at York University, Toronto, and a bachelor of arts with honors degree from the University of Toronto. He is currently completing a master’s degree at the University of Toronto Law School in the law program. 

Our Leadership Team  


Steve Adatia

SVP Equipment Finance, Canada Branch 



James Bruce

SVP Business Credit, Canada Branch

Account Services

  • Canadian Dollar
  • U.S. Dollar
  • Automatic account transfer
  • Billing in currency


  • Branch Deposits
  • ACH / EFT
  • Wires
  • EDI
  • A/R Advantage Toronto lockbox


  • Checks
  • Wires
  • EDI
  • Payables Advantage* (Checks & ACH/EFT)
  • Tax Express
  • Bill payments
  • Positive Pay
  • Debit block

Information Reporting

  • PINACLE previous day reporting
  • Current Day Reporting
  • Account data transmissions
  • Account and lockbox images online
  • Account and lockbox images bulk image transmissions
  • Comprehensive reports

*Payables Advantage is offered by PNC Bank, National Association.

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Joseph Migliacci

Vice President, International Treasury Advisory (Canada)

Nazmin Adatia

SVP Corporate Banking, Canada Branch



Caroline Stade

SVP Corporate Banking, Canada Branch

PNC Equipment Finance professionals offer special expertise to finance the following assets in Canada:

  • Corporate Aircraft for businesses and high net worth individuals
  • Construction equipment
  • Solar Energy Projects (Ontario Only)
  • Technology
  • Transportation assets including power units and trailers
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Rail cars
  • Software
  • Mining equipment
  • Energy Savings Projects

*For questions regarding Aviation Finance contact Steve Adatia.

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[1] Embassy of the United States of America, Ottawa, Canada, January 2017

PNC and PNC Bank are registered marks of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. ("PNC").

In Canada, PNC Bank Canada Branch, the Canadian branch of PNC Bank, provides bank deposit, treasury management, lending (including asset-based lending) and leasing products and services. Deposits with PNC Bank Canada Branch are not insured by The Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation or by the United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Lending and leasing products and services, as well as certain other banking products and services, require credit approval.

PNC Bank Canada Branch does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice.