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Gain better control over incoming cash and help mitigate the risks associated with managing client payments with PNC Treasury Management’s Receivables solutions. You can gain efficiency by transitioning from paper to electronic receivables processes, while helping you improve your cash flow, ultimately enhancing the client experience by offering them a variety of convenient payment options. 

Deposit On-Site®

PNC's Deposit On-Site® helps businesses easily capture and transmit check images to PNC for processing. PNC developed the Deposit On-Site Mobile App specifically to serve the needs of corporations because companies today are on the move like never before. It’s easy to download and easy to use.



Generate increased visibility and control over your outgoing cash. PNC Treasury Management’s suite of Payables solutions can help you streamline your payment processes and better manage your relationships with suppliers and vendors. Get cash where it needs to go with increased efficiency and at a lower cost when you leverage industry-leading solutions such as Integrated Payables and Invoice Automation. 


PNC’s domestic and international wire transfer service is a fast and reliable way to send or receive payments that require same-day settlement. We also offer a wide variety of information reporting and custom confirmation files for outgoing and incoming wire activity.

ACH Origination

PNC’s ACH Origination gives businesses the ability to pay suppliers, vendors, government taxes and employees electronically.  This service can help reduce paper disbursement costs and enhances payee satisfaction while disbursing funds.

Check Disbursement Services

PNC’s check disbursement and reconciliation solutions provide timely access to your payment activity which can help your business effectively manage working capital while minimizing fraud risks associated with check payment activity.


Improve the efficiency and velocity of short-term cash balances with PNC’s Liquidity Management tools. You can minimize manual tasks while maximizing earnings and maintaining availability of funds. With PNC Liquidity Management, you can also get competitive rates on a variety of short-term investment opportunities with money market deposit accounts, certificates of deposit and Sweep accounts.

Treasury Management DDA

PNC’s Treasury Management DDA product continuum provides feature-rich checking accounts for operating liquidity needs, with options based on your account activity needs and the method of payment for services provided.

Money Market Deposit Account (MMDA)

PNC’s Money Market Deposit Account (MMDA) is a liquid investment solution for your reserve cash that pays market competitive rates on your cash balances.

MMDA Sweep

MMDA Sweep provides an account structure that can be used for operating needs and excess cash for a simplified and streamlined DDA solution with a single monthly fee.


Through our Commercial Lending offerings, PNC can help strengthen, operate and grow your company. Our lending offerings help manage short and long-term funding needs to support inventory fluctuations, put new technologies to work and evolve your business model. The right financing is a critical element to your business’ success and our team is here to help you identify the best solution for your unique business needs. 

Revolving Line of Credit

Revolving lines of credit can help you cover the short-term funding needs of your business, including conversion of assets to cash, cyclical fluctuations in cash cycles and short-term expansion needs.

Commercial Term Loan

Commercial term loans help cover the funds necessary to support long-term assets and permanent working capital, including inventory build-up, acquisition of equipment and investment in technology.

Commercial Equipment Finance Solutions

Commercial Equipment Finance Loans lessen the impact of capital expenditures. We help provide funding to purchase or lease the high-cost equipment needed to help grow your business.

Commercial Real Estate Term Loan

Commercial real estate term loans help businesses acquire funds to support commercial property needs, including acquisition of real estate, property expansion and renovation.

Employee Services

PNC’s Organizational Financial Wellness Program brings employees solutions that encourage sound financial decisions while minimizing the impact of financial stress in the workplace. Employers can customize the benefits they offer their employees from PNC’s expansive suite of employee services. 

PNC WorkPlace Banking®

PNC WorkPlace Banking is a unique bank-at-work program offering onsite and virtual financial services. Our team of consultants provides one-on-one guidance and encourage employees to take control of their financial well-being at every life stage. Employee participation is incentivized through certain cash reward offerings on select products and services.

PNC BeneFit Plus Health Savings Account

The PNC BeneFit Plus Health Savings Account (HSA) program is a fully integrated solution designed to help engage, educate and empower employees to make informed decisions. The program can help employers benefit from easy administration, robust analytics and more.  

PNC Financial Wellness Achievement Center

PNC Financial Wellness Achievement Center is an online educational tool focused on strengthening the financial wellness of your workforce. Through customizable digital literacy programs, employees can track their financial awareness. PNC then provides your company with invaluable reporting and insights to help prioritize future program planning.

Fiduciary Investment Services

Through our Fiduciary Investment Services, PNC Institutional Asset Management® can serve as either a nondiscretionary 3(21) Investment Advisor or discretionary 3(38) Investment Manager to help your organization with the selection and monitoring of your participant-directed retirement plan’s investment lineup. 


If you’re like most business owners, the need to eventually transition your business is always on your mind. But where to start? PNC can put you on the road to success by taking you through an efficient and organized discovery and implementation process. We can provide objective advice on your ownership transition options and how to holistically integrate your business and personal dynamics and objectives.

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The PNC Commercial Rewards Card

With the PNC Commercial Rewards Card, you earn points on purchases which can be redeemed for cash back or items such as gift cards and travel. No Annual Fee. No Employee Card Fees. 1.5% rewards on qualifying purchases.

PNC Commercial Rewards Card

PINACLE®: Commercial Online Banking

Wherever you are, PINACLE provides you with the tools and resources you need to help move your business forward. Stay informed of your organization’s daily cash position, make payments (RTP, ACH, Bill Pay and Wire), streamline receivables, initiate account transfers, and view loan and card information. Built for the way you work, PINACLE has what you need to tap into your business any time.

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