Reviewing Your Auto Statement



  1. Payment Details:
    You will receive your statement 15 days before your payment due date and your payment will be due by the due date indicated on your statement.

    Payment reflects the amount currently due on your PNC Auto loan. You are responsible for paying this amount by the due date specified.

    Late payments may incur a late fee and accrue daily interest. If you are enrolled in AutoPay, your payments will be made automatically on the agreed upon due date.
  2. Loan Overview:
    Highlights the original terms of your auto loan that were agreed upon at the time you purchased your vehicle.
  3. Loan Progress:
    Review your progress toward paying off your auto loan. Each payment made can be measured against your contracted loan term and remaining loan balance.
  4. Payment History:
    Breakdown of the interest and principal that you have paid in your most recent payment and through the entire history of your auto loan.
  5. Payment Remittance Slip:
    To make a payment by check or money order, simply cut along the dotted line and return this slip along with your payment and mail to:

    PNC Bank
    P.O. Box 747066
    Pittsburgh, PA 15274-7066

    To make an additional payment toward your principal, indicate in the applicable box.

    You can always make your payment through PNC Online Banking by making a one-time payment or set up recurring payments.
  6. Loan Details:
    Review your payment history by the amount of principal and interest that you have paid throughout the life of your loan, along with the remaining balances.

Important Legal Disclosures & Information

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