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A Personal Loan or Line of Credit[1] will provide you access to the money you need to accomplish your goals.[2]

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Personal Installment Loan[1]

Borrow money and pay it back through regular monthly payments.

Personal Line of Credit[1][3]

Access funds whenever you need to — up to an approved credit limit.

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  Personal Installment Loan Personal Line of Credit
Loan Limit
$1,000 - $35,000
$1,000 - $25,000
California maximum line amount: $5,000
APR* Fixed Rate Variable Rate, based on Wall Street Journal Prime Rate
Access to Funds One-time, lump sum Continuous draw period
No Prepayment Penalty
Collateral Needed None None
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Personal Line of Credit

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

A personal loan is a term loan with a fixed interest rate that is disbursed in a lump sum, while a personal line of credit allows you to borrow as many times as needed, up to your limit, with a variable interest rate. Neither personal loans nor lines of credit require collateral.

Interest paid on personal loans is not tax deductible. Consult a tax advisor regarding your specific situation.

After you apply, you’ll get a decision within a few days. If approved, you can go to a branch to sign your loan documents and immediately receive your funds. Allow additional time if you choose to request your loan documents by mail.

After you apply, you will get a decision within a few days. If your application is approved and you require no immediate funds, there is a 15 day hold on your line of credit until you are able to utilize your funds. If you select yes to immediate funds in your application, then closing in a local PNC branch is required and you will receive access to your funds on the day of closing.

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