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Make the most of your banking experience with personalized guidance to help you
achieve more.

A Personalized Relationship Banking Solution

At PNC, we understand that your financial needs are complex and multifaceted. That’s why we offer a wide range of strategies, guidance and products to help you and your family thrive.

PNC Choice Banking is designed to help you meet your goals and keep moving forward.

PNC Choice Banking services are available at no additional charge for customers with $50,000 in eligible deposit balances at PNC.[1]

It's All for You

When you join PNC Choice Banking, you’ll gain access to:

Your Dedicated Team

PNC Relationship Managers and financial professionals will work together to provide you with solutions that fit your needs. We’ll help ensure that your financial plans prepare you for the changes life can bring.

Financial Insight

Knowledge can be a powerful advantage. That’s why we share thought leadership content and market insights from PNC strategists, economists and other financial professionals.

Benefits & Rewards

Get help identifying which products are right for you and enjoy access to our most rewarding financial solutions. Manage your money with greater clarity, too, by tapping into our suite of digital banking and investing tools.

Exceptional Products & Services

Unlock valuable tools and features:

Virtual Wallet® with Performance Select

Our top-tier Virtual Wallet product includes patented money management tools to help you manage your financial life and reach your financial goals.

Lending Options

We look at financing as a tool to help you achieve your financial goals and maintain control over your cash flow.

Premiere Money Market

Through our tiered rate structure, your higher balances will earn higher interest rates when paired with a qualifying Virtual Wallet with Performance Select account.[2]

Credit Cards

Lower rates, rewards, cash back or travel — no matter what you're looking for in a credit card, PNC can help you find a great match.

Retirement & Investment Planning[3]

Guidance for whatever comes next

As a PNC Choice Banking customer, you will have the opportunity to work with members of the PNC Investments team toward your retirement and investment goals. Wherever you may be in your retirement or investing journey, our investment advisors and financial professionals can provide information, insights and guidance to support you.


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