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Virtual Wallet®
Checking Pro

Helping you manage your
financial life.

Available in eligible markets.+


Low Cash Mode®

An innovative game changing digital
tool to help you avoid overdraft fees.[1]

Get a 4.65%

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on your
Virtual Wallet Checking Pro
Growth account.[2]

Tools to Help You Manage Your Money

Including Low Cash Mode®[1] in the PNC Mobile App,[5] an innovative, game-changing tool that helps you avoid overdraft fees.

Take control of your account when your balance is low.  Low Cash Mode delivers real-time intelligent alerts that let you know when your balance is low, allows you to choose whether certain transactions[8] should be paid or returned, and gives you at least 24 hours to bring your account out of the negative so you can avoid overdraft fees.

  • Extra Time – you’ll have at least 24 hours to bring your available account[1] balance to at least $0[9] before you are charged overdraft fees.
  • Payment Control – you can choose to pay or return certain individual checks, and payments made using your routing and checking account numbers (ACH transactions),[8] when your balance is negative.
  • Intelligent Alerts – a suite of alerts so you know when to and how long you have to take action.[10]

Learn More About Low Cash Mode

Virtual Wallet's patented digital tools help you to see what's free to spend, stay on track with your budget and reach your financial goals.

Budget and spend wisely

  • Calendar shows you upcoming paydays, payments that you've set up and a history of your posted transactions.
  • Money Bar® displays the money you've scheduled for bills and what's free to spend.
  • Spending & Budgets allows you to group your spending into categories like "Gas" and "Restaurants," create category budgets and set up to receive alerts so you know if you are staying on track.

Know your balance is low

  • Danger DaySM appear on your Calendar when your Spend account is at risk of being overdrawn so that you can adjust your spending or move money from savings.
  • Alerts can be set up to monitor your accounts for certain activities and you choose how you'd like to receive notifications

Stick to your plan

  • Savings Rules help make saving a little easier with automatic transfers that you set to move money into your Reserve or Growth accounts on a regular basis, like when you receive a paycheck or pay a bill.
  • Savings Goals help you save for the things you want and put away money for what you need. Create goals in either or both your Reserve and Growth accounts to save for anything, from a new TV to an upcoming vacation.

It Starts With a Great Checking Account

No minimum balance. No monthly fees. Member FDIC. 

Getting started and funding your account is simple and safe.

Minimum to open $0
Minimum balance $0
Monthly service charge $0
ATM transaction fees
  • Access your money fee-free at nearly 60,000 ATMs across the country, as listed on our ATM Locator[3]
  • Get up to $20.00 reimbursed for other banks' ATM surcharge fees per statement period
Easily fund your account
  • Transfer from an external account or another PNC account[4]
  • Deposit checks via your tablet or mobile phone[5]
  • Deposit checks or cash at an ATM
  • Receive domestic incoming wires at no-fee

Accessing your money is easy to do anytime, anywhere.

  • Manage your money through the PNC Mobile app[5] or online banking.
  • Make purchases with your PNC Bank Visa® Debit Card, or with PNC Pay® on select Android devices or other digital payment options.
  • Deposit checks with the PNC Mobile app[5] or at ATMs.
  • Transfer money between your PNC accounts or from your external accounts.[4]
  • Schedule and track bill payments with Online Bill Pay.[6]
  • Access your money fee-free at nearly 60,000 ATMs across the country, as listed on our ATM locator[3] and get reimbursed for up to $20.00 for other banks' ATM surcharge fees per statement period.
  • Write unlimited checks.
  • Send and receive money with people you know and trust in the US using Zelle®[7]

Add Accounts for Planning, Saving & Protection

Bundling checking and savings together creates one powerful solution. Add Reserve & Growth accounts to your Spend, no additional set-up is required.

Set aside money and save more

  • Reserve is an additional checking account that lets you plan your spending by setting money aside for upcoming events, bills or an unforeseen expense.
  • Growth is a competitive rate savings account to save for the future and work toward big goals.

Two layers of overdraft protection

Your Spend account automatically comes with Overdraft Protection by linking your Reserve and/or Growth accounts to your Spend account so you can use available funds to cover overdrafts.

Get Ready to Change the Way You Bank

Select the Virtual Wallet that meets your needs.

Virtual Wallet Checking Pro with Spend,
Reserve & Growth

Virtual Wallet Checking Pro with Spend, Reserve and Growth


(In Virtual Wallet, your Checking is called Spend)

  • No monthly fees
  • $0 minimum deposit to open
  • Digital tools to plan and track your spending, including Low Cash Mode[1]

+ Planning, Savings and Protection

(Add Reserve & Growth at no additional cost)

  • 4.65% Annual Percentage Yield (APY)[2] interest rate on your Growth savings account.
  • Growth account balances earn interest starting at $1.[2]
  • Reserve account for short-term planning.
  • Digital tools to create, track and automate savings goals.
  • Two layers of overdraft protection.

Virtual Wallet Checking Pro with Spend

Virtual Wallet Checking Pro


(In Virtual Wallet, your Checking is called Spend)

  • No monthly fees
  • $0 minimum deposit to open
  • Digital tools to plan and track your spending, including Low Cash Mode[1]

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