Low Cash Mode®

Everyone can have a low cash moment. We're here to help when you do.

Low Cash Mode is available for all Virtual Wallet products.

Say Goodbye to Surprise Overdraft Fees

We believe how you handle overdrafts should be in your control, not just your bank's.

Many banks will charge you multiple overdraft fees a day. Others may promise no overdraft fees but will return all items leaving you with unpaid bills. Low Cash Mode gives you more control when your balance is low. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could make payment decisions about your account? 

  • $0 non-sufficient funds fee
  • Maximum one $36 overdraft item fee per day
  • Customized alerts when your balance is low
  • 24 hours minimum Extra Time to bring your balance to at least zero[1]

Built on patents-pending technology, Low Cash Mode comes with PNC’s industry-leading Virtual Wallet® and is available through the PNC mobile app.[2,3]

Account Transparency & Control

Manage your Spend account when your balance is low. With Low Cash Mode, you can use Intelligent Alerts, Extra Time and Payment Control to help you avoid overdraft fees.

Easy to Use

Watch these videos to learn how to use Low Cash Mode.

Low Cash Mode Dashboard

Intelligent Alerts & Extra Time

Payment Control

Experience PNC Low Cash Mode

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