Reviewing Your Line of Credit Statement

PNC Personal Line of Credit Statement Example

PNC Personal Line of Credit Statement Example
Number One

Billing Cycle:
The beginning and ending date of the billing cycle for this statement.

Number Two

Account Number:
The last four digits of your account number that identifies your Personal Line of Credit with PNC.

Number Two

Customer Name:
Customer name and mailing address

Number Three

Summary of Account Activity:
Detailed explanation of your account activity, including previous balance, any payments made and/or draws taken as well as any fees, if applicable. It also includes the interest charged this billing cycle, your credit limit and the breakdown of total payment due.

Number Four

Payment Information:
The payment amount and date by which you need to make your Line of Credit payment.

Number Five

Year to Date Totals:
Total amount of fees and interest charged this year.

Number Six

Billing Statement Payment Information:
This section can be used as a payment slip, or will inform you that the payment will be automatically deducted if your line is set up for automatic payments.

Number Seven

Interest Charge Calculation:
Information regarding your interest charge during the billing cycle.

Number Eight

A quick review of transactions that have taken place since the last billing statement.