Reviewing Your Line of Credit Statement

Number One

Account Number:
Account number identifies your Line of Credit with PNC.

Number Two

Customer Name:
Customer name and mailing address

Number Three

Billing Statement Payment Information:
This section identifies what you must pay, by when, to avoid late fees and can be detached and used as a payment coupon.

Number Four

Summary of Account Activity:
A more detailed explanation of amount due for different segments of your Line of Credit.

Number Five

Payment Information:
The payment amount and date by which you need to make your Line of Credit payment.

Number Six

A quick review of transactions that have taken place since the last billing statement.

Number Seven

Year-to-Date Totals:
This section is used to show total fees and interest charged year to date.

Number Eight

Interest Charge Calculation
This section explains how the interest was calculated for this billing cycle.