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How Used Car Loans for Private Party Purchases Work

Step 1 — Research

Research how much car you can afford by reviewing rates and estimating a monthly payment. Use the NADA guides to look up the value of new and used cars.

Step 2 — Apply

Apply for a private party auto loan[1] at a branch.

Step 3 — Buy a Car

Close at a PNC branch and receive your check that same day. Or, have the documents sent overnight to your home; then once you return your signed documents, receive your check overnight[3].

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Tools & Calculators

Looking for how much car you can afford? Comparing the costs of a new vs. used vehicle? Use our auto loan calculators to understand your options and help you decide.

How to Apply for an Auto Loan

Find out what's involved in the car buying process — from the ways you can apply, to a list of everything you'll need for your application.

Ways to Apply


Locate a Branch:

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What You Need to Know When You Apply

The essentials:

  • The dollar amount that you would like to borrow
  • One form of photo ID (driver's license, state-issued ID or US passport)
  • Previous address, if at current address less than two years
  • Previous employer, if with current employer less than two years
  • Your annual income and any other income to be considered

If you are applying with a co-applicant, you will need their:

  • Current address and previous, if less than two years
  • Current employer and previous, if less than two years
  • Annual income and any other income to be considered

If you are purchasing a vehicle from a private seller you will need:

  • Vehicle selling price, year, make and model
  • Vehicle trade in value, year, make and model
  • Down payment, if any
  • VIN number of vehicle to be refinanced or purchased


Prior to Applying for the Auto Loan:

You will need to obtain the actual purchase price of the vehicle.  At that point, you may want to contact your state Department of Motor Vehicle or comparable agency for additional information around where to go to complete the title transfer, fees, and taxes, and additional information required by your state to complete the title transfer. You are responsible for paying these expenses. You may want to consider including these fees and/or taxes into the requested loan amount. 

What You Need to Know After Closing the Auto Loan

Upon closing the auto loan, responsibility falls on you and the seller to make the changes to the title. Title could be sent to the bank from prior lienholder. If that happens, you will be contacted by a represenative from PNC Bank. They will send the title and all paperwork from prior lienholder to you to get the transfer completed.  Additionally, any fees and/or taxes incurred during this transaction is your responsibility to pay. PNC Bank is not responsible to pay or reimburse you for those fees or taxes. 

Additional items may be required: Clean Title, State Department of Motor Vehicle form, Odometer Reading, Proof of Insurance, Notarized Bill of Sale, Copy of Driver's License, Power of Attorney Form, etc. Each state's requirements may differ, recommend contacting your state Department of Motor Vehicle for what is required.

Steps when transferring ownership of title: 

1) You need to be listed as a registered owner on the vehicle title.

2) Have PNC Bank be listed as lienholder on the title.


Important Legal Disclosures and Information

1. Credit is subject to approval. 

2. Certain restrictions and conditions apply.

3. May exclude weekends and holidays.

*The rates we advertise include the 0.25% automatic payment discount. Automatic payment must be set up at loan closing to qualify for the 0.25% discount. Discount only applicable as long as payments are set up for automatic deduction from a PNC Checking account. The removal of any discount, such as auto deduction or employee, will increase the rate. The advertised rates are available to well-qualified applicants. Your actual APR may be higher than this range and will be based on your credit qualifications, loan amount, repayment term, model year and whether you elect the automatic payment feature from a PNC checking account and number of days to first payment. See "Get Rates" for more details about current rates.

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