Subordination Request

Welcome to the new subordination site for PNC Bank, N.A. Use this tool to request the subordination of a junior lien.

Submission of a subordination request is a representation by you that you are authorized by all borrowers under the Equity Loan to request subordination of the Security Instrument, to provide all information required to process the subordination request, and to receive the response to the subordination request. You also agree to provide the response to the borrowers whether the approval or decline is provided in written, electronic or verbal form. Approval of the subordination request and any subordination agreement are expressly conditioned upon compliance with any and all conditions provided in the approval notification.

The subordination request cannot be submitted until all sections of the request form are completed and all required documents have been uploaded. This includes indication of how the subordination fee, if any, will be paid. Processing will not begin until all information is received and is in good order.

As part of this request you will establish a login account with contact information to expedite future requests. Click the link below to go to the subordination request website.

If you should encounter technical issues on the site, please contact us

If you are a lender:

Only lenders are responsible for submitting subordination requests.

Go to The Subordination Request Site

If you are a customer:

Visit our Subordination FAQ page to learn more.