Wealth Strategy

Helping you meet your financial objectives now and in the future

A sound wealth strategy provides a road map for protecting and preserving your family’s assets, or those of your business.

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Our Approach

Our process is based around a consultative team approach.

We undertake a deep discovery process and take the time to understand you, your family, and your unique values, goals, and objectives.

Our Wealth Strategists tailor customized solutions to you where you are in the planning process, ensuring that appropriate solutions are delivered to you at the appropriate time.

The solutions are part of an integrated approach to wealth management, and the outcomes delivered have a broader focus on defining a family's mission, legacy, and values. We act strategically and collaboratively as a cohesive professional advisory team, which would include your tax, legal, and business advisors, to ensure seamless implementation of all aspects of your wealth strategy needs.

Our Solutions

Family Wealth Transfer Planning

Wealth strategy plays an important role in safeguarding your family's wealth, avoiding unnecessary taxes, and ensuring that your legacy will continue. Your PNC Wealth Strategist will work with your attorney, tax advisor or accountant, and PNC Fiduciary Advisor, to design sophisticated, customized plans that can help you achieve a careful balance of control and flexibility, shaping your family's future while responding to its changing needs. We can assist you with:

  • Evaluating insurance needs
  • Protecting your assets
  • Planning for taxes
  • Transferring wealth and gifting
  • Developing a family or business succession plan

Actionable Insights To Help You Achieve More

Insights and ideas that are part of our commitment to help you make smart decisions today that will lead to a better legacy for you and your family.

Strategic Philanthrophy

Deciding if You Should Use a Charitable Lead Trust

Learn what a Charitable Lead Trust is and whether it is a good option for your assets.

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Financial Markets

Weekly Market Watch

PNC’s Weekly Market Watch provides a recap of the previous week’s economic and market activity and is designed to give PNC’s perspective on happenings in both US and international markets.

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Strategic Philanthrophy

Charitable Giving Strategies

For many people, charitable giving is limited to cash donations for important causes. You may want to consider a more strategic approach to your charitable giving.

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