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PNC Mortgage created Agent Alliance to provide you easy access to what you need to be successful. Whether you're looking to stay up to date on the latest lending solutions for your clients, technology trends for you or learn more about what makes PNC Mortgage different.

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PNC AgentView®

Stay connected to your clients throughout the mortgage application process. Learn more or see how

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Expert Advice Right At Your Fingertips

Know you can drive massive traffic to your real estate site. Learn more from social media expert, Jim Marks.

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All the Tools & Insight You Need to Succeed

PNC AgentView®

PNC AgentView® delivers a higher level of transparency between you, your client, and their PNC lending team by keeping everyone involved and informed throughout the mortgage application process.

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Webinars & Events

Webinar 07/18/2017

Advanced Landing Page Strategies

Traffic is an essential component to growing your real estate business, but to create value from that traffic, you need to convert it into leads. Having a professional, quality landing page is a critical step in achieving this. Learn what makes a successful landing page with internet marketing expert Jim Marks, and increase your conversion to real business.

PNC invites you to an educational webinar featuring Jim Marks. Tune in to learn what a landing page needs in order to turn audiences into potential clients.

Tuesday, July 18

Time:  9am PT, 11am CT, 12pm ET

Duration:  1 hour

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