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When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Our trusted advice gives you the confidence to start strong, setting you up for long-term success.

Business Start Up Tools 

Explore the checklist, calculator tool and tips below to help you plan, finance and launch your business.

Get ready for planning, financing and launching (or re-launching) your business.

Create a business plan, or review and update an existing one. Whether your business is brand new, or you are returning to your business after a few years away, it’s time to get that business plan updated. Make sure it includes new business goals, sales projections and current business costs. Business Banker
Business Advisor
Set up legal entity and website. Work with your business advisor and your attorney to decide whether it makes sense to set your business up as a corporation or other legal entity. Business Advisor
Determine your financial needs. Identify what you have and what you need to get started. Business Banker
Explore new business loan options. Start or expand your business with loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. Business Banker
Check on loan deferral or interest rate restructuring as necessary. Make sure you’re up-to-date on any previous loans. Business Banker
Review business credit report and/or your personal credit report. Know where you stand both professionally and personally. Business Credit Ratings:

Dunn and Bradstreet

Personal Credit Score*


*Some credit cards offer free credit reports as well. Check your credit card company’s website to see if this service is available to you.

Creating a working business plan is often a vital first step when searching for financing options. More than just drafting up a document, you need to create a working plan that can you can revisit and reevaluate, so that it evolves to mirror the business you want to create. The business plan should contain a forecast for your business with at least two scenarios: (1) how you expect your business to perform if you don't get any financing, and (2) how it will perform if you do. There are a lot of resources you can turn to for help on the plan, such as small-business resource centers at local universities, your community, or asking for help from trusted professionals or other small business owners.

Sales that don’t get tracked, don’t exist. And, customers with no contact and demographic information captured are imaginary.

To be successful in your venture, you must start out tracking the numbers upfront so that you can prove to yourself that the business is viable and also make a strong case to potential investors down the road that your idea is worthy of the risk.

Start out by tracking sales over different time periods. What are your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily sales? The next metric to assess is your sales by product or service, so you can quantify exactly what’s selling and get rid of what’s not. Last, consider revenue per sale. What is the actual net profit for each individual unit per sale? Also, get in the habit of capturing as much data on your customers that is relevant to your business as possible. Saying you serve women is not enough. How old is the average woman you serve? Is she married or single? Does she have children? Where does she like to eat, shop or volunteer?

The more intel you gather on your customers, the more you can prove that you understand their needs and equip yourself with the products and services to meet their demand.

Initially, you should invest as much of your personal resources into your business as possible. At the minimum, it ensures that you remain in control of the vision and direction of your idea as opposed to investors that will come onboard. Additionally, your business typically can’t borrow money unless you’ve shown your confidence in the project by personally investing at least 20 to 30 percent of your own funds. You need to use your money to attract more money. Not putting any skin in the game, will likely not encourage anyone else to.

Insights & Guidance

Learn from our experts and other small business owners.

Business Planning

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Business Planning

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Running Your Business

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Control Finances

You want to stay in-the-know about your business, but you don’t want to have to worry. Cash Flow Insight® [1] sets you up for success.

  • Know where you are: One dashboard shows your cash position and cash flow.
  • Feel prepared: Easy-to-understand forecasting graphs help you compare cash in and out and track your performance.
  • Understand your expenses: Transactions can be sorted, categorized and exported so you can compare them over time – and monitor employee spending with ease.
  • Connect with familiar and convenient tools: Cash Flow Insight base is included with your PNC Business Checking account and connects to features like:
    • Mobile deposit to save you time
    • Customized account alerts so you’ll know when funds go in or out
    • Online and Mobile banking to connect wherever you are

Take control of your business finances now by applying for a PNC Business Checking Account 

Insights & Guidance

Learn from our experts and other small business owners.

Business Planning

How to Open a Business Account to Establish the Right Banking Relationship

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Business Planning

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Growing Your Business

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Insights & Guidance 

Learn from our experts and other small business owners. 

Business Planning

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Manage Business Finances

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Running Your Business

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