Find Your Full Account and Routing Number

Routing numbers are nine digit numbers that can also be referred to as banking routing numbers, routing transit numbers, RTNs, and ABA numbers. This code identifies your financial institution and it can differ depending on where you opened your account and the type of transaction you make.

There’s a number of ways you can find your Account/Bank Routing number

On your paper checks:

Your Account number and Bank (ABA) Routing number can be found at the bottom of your checks:

If you don’t have your checkbook handy, don’t worry. If you have recently written a check that has posted to your account you can:

  1. Sign on to Online Banking.
  2. Select your account.
  3. Within the Posted Transactions section of the Account Activity page, locate a recently posted check and click on the blue hyperlink under the Description column.
  4. View an image of the check to obtain the routing and account number.

On your Online Statement:

If you have activated Online Statements within Online Banking, you can find your full account number on the PDF version of your Online Statements. To find your full account number:

  1. Sign on to Online Banking.
  2. Select your account.
  3. Click on the Online Statements link from the Account Activity page.
  4. Click on the Print Statement link. The full account number can be viewed on the top right hand corner of the statement.

On your Account Activity page in Online Banking (Non-Virtual Wallet accounts):

  1. Sign on to Online Banking.
  2. Select your account.
  3. Click on the “Show Account & Routing Number” link below the Account pulldown selector.
  4. You will be asked to verify your identity.
  5. Once your identity has been confirmed, you will be able to view the details of your Account information. Note: For your security, if you do not close out the window that displays your full account and routing number within 15 minutes, it will automatically close.
  6. Clicking on “For wire transfers” displays the information necessary to create an incoming wire transfer. Please note that routing numbers for wire transfers may be different than the routing number on other accounts. Additional information on wire transfers can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of this FAQ.

On your SmartAccess Card in Online Banking:

  1. Sign on to Online Banking.
  2. Select your SmartAccess Card.
  3. Click on the “Sign On to SmartAccess” link to the right of your Available Balance.
  4. Once signed in to SmartAccess, your routing number and full account number can be found under the “Direct Deposit Information” section on the Account Summary page.

Note on Incoming Wire Transfers:
If you want to set up incoming wire transfers, your routing number is different than the one displayed on your account(s). To set up an incoming wire transfer you will need your account number and this PNC Bank Routing Number: 043000096


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